Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1081

That’s killing!
Brother Gou killed someone?
Su Yun’s heart was throbbing, feeling that his soul was about to fly out of his body, and his whole person was going to be soft.
“not dead.”
Brother Gou said, “I just can’t stand the pain and passed out.”
What kind of pain is it to make them suffer like this?
Su Yun did not dare to think or ask.
She suddenly felt that she didn’t seem to be familiar with Brother Dog at all. Those of them who followed Jiang Ning seemed…somewhat different from the identity she had remembered.
Isn’t it Jiang Ning’s bodyguard?
“I only used two tricks, so I did it. It’s boring.”
There are hundreds of methods used by them to torture people. If you want to ask something, they will definitely make you speak before you die.
With this method, ghosts will feel ashamed when they hear it.
Just after speaking, the door was pushed open, it was Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen.
When the two saw the four people lying on the floor, they frowned.
“Those who came to cause trouble, want to take Su Yun away.”
Brother Gou said directly, “I have asked, what is the name of the person behind him, Nan Batian.”
Brother Gou doesn’t like this name either.
Sure enough.
When Jiang Ning saw it, he guessed it was Nan Batian, but he didn’t expect the revenge to come so quickly.
It seemed that this person called Nan Batian was really a bit domineering.
“Smashed their place, looking for something.”
Jiangning Road.
Lin Yu really hurriedly walked over, holding Su Yun with a worried expression: “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, brother dog is here, they can’t hurt me.”
Su Yun recovered a little bit, and was not so scared anymore, especially seeing Jiang Ning coming back, he felt as if he had taken a reassurance.
“These people are coming menacingly, it’s too scary.”
Lin Yu was equally angry.
She didn’t expect that these people would actually want to attack Su Yun. Su Yun was innocent at all. Even if they were looking for something, they should find her and Jiang Ning.
If something happens to Su Yun here, how can she explain to her uncle and aunt?
Lin Yuzhen turned to look at Jiang Ning, who frowned slightly.
He came to the South Island because of other things and other arrangements, but he did not expect that the appearance of a Nan Batian suddenly disrupted his plan.
Jiang Ning didn’t care about the people in an underground circle.
“It’s okay, Agou will follow Su Yun, nothing will happen.”
Jiang Ning glanced at Brother Dog, and Brother Dog immediately nodded, “Don’t worry.”
“If I die, she will be fine.”
After Brother Gou finished speaking, Su Yun’s eyes suddenly turned red.
“Bah, baah!”
She hurriedly said, “Brother Dog, what nonsense are you talking about! Why don’t you die? Hurry up!”
Seeing Brother Dog’s expressionless face and no reaction, Su Yun became even more anxious, and ran over and took Brother Dog by the hand: “Hurry!”
Brother Gou learned something, and Su Yun was relieved now.
“I think Nan Batian will not give up easily,”
Lin Yuzhen said, “They are used to being domineering here, no one dares to resist. Today his shop was taken by us, and he will definitely retaliate.”
“Just take revenge.”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “They are the grasshoppers after autumn, and they won’t be able to jump for a few days.”
In a mere underground circle, Jiang Ning didn’t even bother to kill him, and he didn’t even need him to do it.
But simply killing such people does not mean much.
Jiang Ning narrowed his eyes slightly.
The game he set up was in this South Island. Since there is still a South Tyrant, it would be a pity if it is not used well.
Jiang Ning asked Lin Yuzhen to rest with Su Yun, and he was relieved enough to have Brother Dog by his side.
at the same time.
Many scenic spots in the South Island have been investigated.
Truman personally led the team.
He thought that he just had to play Jiang Ning perfunctorily, and things would settle down when the big man left.
But how could I think of my superiors, my superiors’ superiors, even the superiors’ superiors… They all called themselves and demanded that they obey Jiang Ning’s words.
Whatever Jiang Ning said, he would do what he did, even if he wanted him to die, he couldn’t hesitate in the slightest!

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