Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1082

These bastards, let him come for work, and a phone call will make him lose his temper.
But he also knew that Jiang Ning’s identity was too terrifying. He could clearly hear that the superiors of his superiors were trembling when they spoke of the name Jiang Ning!
“As long as someone reports and the evidence is conclusive, they will be sealed up for me first!”
Chu Men shouted, “In broad daylight, the sky is bright, and there are such smoky places that pollute our South Island?”
He was standing in the crowd, holding a horn, and shouting loudly.
“South Island, all tourists are welcome, and all tourists will be protected. You must not be bullied here. I hope all tourists will feel at home!”
On the other side, Fang Suo also gave death orders to people in the company.
They must be strictly required, and they must not do anything to entrap the rights and interests of tourists. They must be professional and literate, because they now represent the Lin family!
Every move must meet Lin’s requirements and maintain Lin’s brand image!
Suddenly, Mengtianya Travel Company was in sharp contrast with other travel companies.
Whether it is from the service attitude or the professionalism of the tour guide, it is completely different!
Mengtianya’s service has been intimate and meticulous since the beginning of the airport. The few warm and small incidents that have occurred have been posted on the Internet and have become hot news.
Many people who have suffered a loss in the South Island do not believe it. There are more and more examples of positive energy, and everyone recognizes the brand of the travel company in Mengtianya.
Fang didn’t expect it, but in just two days, there would be such a change.
Where did he dare to think before?
Do not bring tourists into the black shop of Nanbatian, do not entrap the rights and interests of tourism, and secretly blackmail their money. He feels that the real travel company should be like this.
Serve tourists and make them feel at home!
In two days, the South Island was like a storm.
In particular, many classic resident black shops of Nanbatian have been shut down, and Mengtianya travel company has openly violated the rules set by Nanbatian, which makes some people very unhappy.
South Gate Villa.
This entire villa park is the industry of South Batian.
Back then, this fast land, near the forest park, belonged to a farmer, who was taken over by Nan Batian abruptly and built a large villa, magnificent and extravagant!
In the local area, some people privately call it Nanmen Villa, Nantianmen!
At this moment, in the South Gate Villa.
Nan Batian was lying on the gold-lined sofa, leaning against her body, slightly squinting, smoke from the big pipe was constantly emitting, making the surrounding smoke smoky, and no one dared to say a word.
His eyes were a little blurred, and he let a few maids beat his legs for a long time before letting people take the pipe away.
“You said, that person, didn’t come from the north?”
Nan Batian couldn’t help being a little funny.
He thought that it was a family with a long-eyed surname in the north who wanted to grab the site of the South Island, but he really didn’t know whether to live or die. The master who was interrupted by him last time and thrown into the sea to feed the fish was not enough as a lesson. ?
“Brother, I’m not from the north. I checked. It’s from the coast. Mengtianya is their company. They just acquired it.”
Sitting across from Nan Batian, he was a tall man with sharp eyes and a hint of coldness. “These people have a bit of skill. They can actually make Chu Men’s bullshit follow suit.”
Nan Ba ​​Tian squinted his eyes, waved his hand, with a careless expression, as if he didn’t care about these little things at all.
He leaned lazily on the sofa and hummed comfortably.
“The matter of killing a few people, don’t bother me.”

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