Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1088

“Brother Fang, the result of the examination is out. Almost all bones on the grizzly bear are comminuted fractures.”
The subordinates looked a little ugly and were full of dread. Obviously, they hadn’t seen this kind of injury, but they had never seen it. They were kicked on the stomach and thigh bones were comminuted fractures!
Fang Mi frowned and his heart sank suddenly.
“How can it be?”
He asked subconsciously.
This is simply impossible.
He looked at the surveillance in the store, just to see what the other party was doing.
With those two feet, he already felt that he could kick the Grizzlies out of use.
Now, the result of the examination is that all grizzly bear bones are comminuted fractures?
He couldn’t understand it at all!
“The result of the examination is no problem. It is indeed a comminuted fracture, which cannot be cured.”
The subordinates said solemnly, “Grizzly has to lie on the bed in this life.
Fang Mi did not speak for a long time.
After a while, he said, “Send it to the mental hospital, it will be collected there.”
The subordinates said immediately.
The grizzly bear has become a useless person, where there is still a trace of use, it needs someone to take care of it, they don’t have this time.
Fang Mi sat there, his face full of solemnity.
Met a master.
He didn’t expect that the man named Jiang Ning would be so powerful.
“No matter how great you are, there is only one person for you, this South Island…Hundreds of my brothers, still can’t deal with you?”
Fang Mi’s eyes gradually cooled.
He wants to replace Nan Batian and get the underground circle of this South Island. If even Jiang Ning can’t deal with it, he will say a fart.
He wants to establish his own prestige, Jiang Ning’s bone, the harder it is to chew, the better.
It was too easy to solve, but it didn’t show his strength!
“Come here.”
Fang Mi raised her head and shouted, and someone immediately walked in.
“Bring me a word.”
A trace of disdain flashed across his face, “To the person from Donghai.”

Jiang Ning took Lin Yuzhen for a walk around, and the soles of his feet were almost flattened.
Lin Yuzhen and Su Yun are still happy.
After finally returning to the hotel, someone stopped Jiang Ning and others at the door.
Brother Gou stepped forward, his eyes cold.
“Mr. Jiang, right?”
The visitor smiled and bowed slightly, “Hello, my eldest brother Fang Mi, there is a word, let me tell Mr. Jiang.”
Jiang Ning stretched out his hand and motioned to Brother Gou to stop doing it.
“you said.”
“My eldest brother said that the Grizzlies matter was a misunderstanding, and he can forget it.”
“Really, it seems I have to thank you brother.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “Continue.”
“Also, if Mr. Jiang is in the South Island, if there is any trouble, just ask, my elder brother can help you solve it, and everyone can make friends.”
Jiang Ning glanced at him: “Your eldest brother is quite polite, what are the conditions?”
Jiang Ning will not believe it if there are only benefits without mentioning any requirements.
Sure enough, seeing that Jiang Ning is so smart, the visitor smiled, with a touch of expression on his face, but you have a very acquainted expression.
“Mr. Jiang is really smart. My eldest brother has no special conditions. I only need Mr. Jiang to do one thing.”
He squinted his eyes and said lightly, “From today, Mr. Jiang has to listen to my elder brother. My elder brother is willing to give you a chance to let you and him share this underground circle of the South Island!”
As soon as the voice fell, the air was a little quiet.
Lin Yu really stayed, and Su Yun stayed too.
Even Gou didn’t expect that Fang Mi would say something like this.
“Your eldest brother, should I hate you?”
Jiang Ning asked suddenly.

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