Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1090

“Can’t bear it!”
Fang Mi roared, “I gave him down the steps, but he hit us in the face severely, riding on our necks, peeing!”
“It’s okay for him to insult me, but he hurts my brother. It’s impossible not to report this grudge!”
“Stop him!”
“Do it, what are you still hesitating!”
Everyone’s anger has been activated, and they can’t be restrained, and they can’t wait to immediately destroy Jiang Ning.
But everyone knows that this Jiang Ning is not bad at it. If they want to make a move, they must kill with one blow!
Fang Mi said, “Take him to die!”
“Take him to die!”
Everyone shouted in unison.
Seeing the anger of everyone being mobilized, Fang Mi knew that his goal had been achieved.
They are now both prosperous, and they are ruined at all times. If they are not in power, they can’t be in power. They are helping themselves to build prestige, which is to help them build prestige!
Stepping on Jiangning’s whetstone is of course the best choice.
Jiang Ning broke Nan Batian’s rules, Nan Batian didn’t even let go, but Fang Mi, killed Jiang Ning, what else is there to say?
The atmosphere in the South Island seemed to suddenly become tense.
It is clear that nothing has happened yet, but it gives people a gloomy and depressed feeling.
The thunder flashed past, with a loud roar, cutting through the sky, and the sky suddenly became gloomy.
“It seems that I can’t see the stars tonight,”
Su Yun glanced at the dark sky outside the window and sighed, “This South Island, it rains whenever it rains, and doesn’t say hello to me.”
“How to say hello?”
Lin Yu really gave her an angry look, “Tell you, it’s going to rain at night, so you can’t go out, just eat and drink?”
Su Yun’s face blushed slightly: “Eat… the food of the literary and artistic youth, can you make Hu Qihai drink?”
With a long leg, she jumped directly onto Lin Yuzhen’s bed, hugged her pillow, and deliberately glanced out of the room.
“Sister, I want to sleep with you at night.”
What happened during the day made her a little scared.
She doesn’t dare to sleep alone, and can’t let Brother Dog sleep with her, so protect her personally.
That’s not appropriate.
Lin Yuzhen patted the bed and pointed to the position under Su Yun: “This is the place where your brother-in-law slept, and I slept on the other side. Where do you sleep?”
“I can sleep on the floor, or else, let’s sleep sideways. Brother-in-law sleeps in the middle, beside my sleeping side, I am very thin and can’t take up much space.”
Lin Yuzhen stretched out her finger and poked Su Yun’s head: “What do you think of you!”
I want to climb into my bed!
If Jiang Ning heard this, I was afraid that he would misunderstand him, thinking that Su Yun, this girl, had any thoughts about him.
She glanced out secretly, Jiang Ning was talking with Brother Gou, but did not hear their conversation, got out of bed quickly, tiptoed, closed the door, and patted his chest.
“You girl, you are already an adult, you can’t speak so shamelessly, I hear you!”
Lin Yuzhen reprimanded, “I’m still sleeping, that’s my husband!”
“Ouch, who is going to grab your husband from you! I’m afraid to sleep alone!”
Su Yun and Lin Yu really got into trouble.
She didn’t even dare to give Jiang Ning to her. Besides Lin Yuzhen, who could control such a man.
At that time.
In the living room, Jiang Ning was sitting there, and Brother Dog was talking about the situation.
“Here, maybe more than a hundred. It’s near the hotel. I guess, I’m going to come into the hotel at this moment.”
Brother Dog said lightly, “Big Brother, you can’t break your honeymoon with sister-in-law, or let us…”
“No, I am coming.”
A hint of meaning flashed in Jiang Ning’s eyes.

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