Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1091

At the moment, downstairs!

Densely crowded figures quickly outflank the hotel where Jiang Ning was located from all directions.
The rain hit their raincoats, making a crackling sound, and through the dim light, they could see these people, all of them holding guys in their hands!
“Da da!”
Fang Mi’s leather shoes stepped on the steps, and suddenly a raindrop shook off.
He lifted the raincoat hat, revealing those cold eyes.
“Brother Fang, all four of them are in the room, have you served it in one pot?”
Sen coldly said his subordinates.
“The man killed, the woman…”
He squinted his eyes, “Make my brothers feel good, this hotel is not low-grade, and the bed should be very comfortable.”
“Hahaha, thank you Fang Ge!”
The underwhelmed crowd quickly climbed up the stairs and ran directly towards the room where Jiang Ning was located, aggressively!
Fang Mi didn’t want to go up, he was standing in the lobby, looking around, there was no one waiter at the front desk, and he was scared away.
He walked to the sofa in the hall, took off his raincoat, and felt more comfortable.
Fang Mi took out a cigarette from his pocket, stuffed a cigarette into his mouth, and sat down slowly, squinting his eyes with an expression of enjoyment.
“This movement is big enough.”
He used hundreds of people!
Even more so that the underground circles in the South Island knew the news. Early tomorrow morning, everyone would know that the person who broke the rules of the South Tyrant would die in his hands!
Nan Batian didn’t respond, and he didn’t even dare to scold him, but Fang Mi had killed people!
Who is the first person in the South Island in the future, do I need to say?
Fang Mi leaned on the sofa, feeling lonely in the mountains.
Maybe, this is called loneliness, standing above that high position, it must be this feeling.
at the same time!
The footsteps of the stairs, rattling!
A few iron rods slashed on the wall, making a piercing, piercing sound.
“Room 607! Quick! Quick! Don’t let them run away!”
A group of people rushed over quickly.
They just went upstairs from the corner and saw at the end of the corridor, at the door of room number 607, there was a person standing, leaning on the door beam, two fingers, a cigarette between them, and their movements were so chic that they looked a little dumbfounded .
They didn’t expect that a person who smokes alone can be so handsome!
“it’s him!”
Suddenly, someone shouted and pointed to Jiang Ning who was standing at the door, “He is Jiang Ning! Come on!”
Suddenly, the crowd rushed over like a tide, and the whole corridor rang out, shouting and killing.
Jiang Ning was still standing there, leaning against the door beam, with a slightly vicissitudes of eyes, and people couldn’t help but tremble!
He looked at the group of people, waving the guy in his hand and rushing over, without a trace of emotion on his face.
With a flick of his finger, the soot fell.
Jiang Ning stood up straight and slowly exhaled smoke.
With a pinch of his finger, he forcibly pinched out the flaming cigarette butt and threw it into the trash can at the door. It seemed that he didn’t care at all. There were hundreds of people coming to kill him.
“It’s so slow.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning suddenly moved!
It’s like a violent wind, sweeping in an instant!
A little bit below Jiang Ning’s feet, the whole person swept out, like a beast, and instantly rushed into the crowd.
fast! Too fast!
I can’t see clearly at all!
No one can see clearly how Jiang Ning came over, how he punched, how he did…
They could only see that the people around them flew out screaming one by one.
The narrow corridor, screams everywhere!

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