Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1098

Happy hours are always short.
After a day of playing around, Lin Yu was really tired. He was led by Jiang Ning, went back to the hotel, took a hot bath comfortably, got into Jiang Ning’s arms, and fell asleep beautifully.
The night is getting silent.
At this moment, Fang Mi’s eyes were sunken, and his eyes were still bloodshot.
He didn’t sleep all night last night, but he was not tired at all. On the contrary, he was extremely excited!
“Brother Fang, everything is arranged!”
“Brother Fang, we have been waiting for this day, we have been waiting for a long time!”
“Tonight, it’s time for us to achieve hegemony!”
“Brother Fang, do it!”

The subordinates were more excited than the other, and seemed to be unable to restrain it a long time ago.
Fang Mi stretched out his hand and pressed it.
He said loudly, “We have planned for many years for today!”
“Today, I will replace Nan Batian and become the master of the underground circle of the South Island, and you, will join me and enjoy everything!”
Cheers everywhere!
“Stepping on the South Gate Villa!”
Fang Mi shouted.
“Stepping on the South Gate Villa!”
Everyone follow one sentence.
“Kill Nan Batian!”
“Kill Nan Batian!”
The atmosphere is high and murderous!
South Gate Villa!
More than a dozen cars galloped in and rushed in directly, and the iron door was knocked open.
The iron gates on both sides fell to the ground, and Fang Mi glanced at him, but no one was guarding them?
“Do it!”
He shouted sharply.
A group of people rushed directly towards the villa where Nan Batian was located, but they couldn’t even see a single person along the way.
Fang Mi frowned slightly, not knowing what had happened. According to his understanding, Nanbatian’s South Gate Villa was heavily guarded and there were a lot of people.
The older a person is, the more afraid of death, that those who have new and old hatreds will come to him for revenge.
But today, I didn’t see any of them.
“Brother Fang, look!”
Fang Mi looked up and saw that in front of the villa, dozens of people fell down everywhere!
He recognized at once, those who were trusted by Nan Batian, were they resolved?
“It’s Jiangning!”
Fang Mi’s heart was shocked, “It must be him, so strong!”
Jiang Ning said he would help himself. He thought that Jiang Ning was just talking about it. Nowhere did he think that Jiang Ning had really made a move.
With Jiang Ning taking the shot, what can Nan Batian count?
“Huh, God’s favor, luck is all on my side,”
Fang Mi laughed and waved his hand, “Let’s do it, starting today, this South Gate Villa is ours!”
He rushed in first and kicked open the door of the villa.
“Nan Batian, our Fang Mi is here!”
Fang Mi yelled, but saw dozens of people falling down on the ground in the villa, blood all over the place!
Nan Batian shrank on the sandalwood chair, trembling all over, where is there a trace of the king’s aura in previous years?
“Don’t come! Don’t come!”
When Nan Batian saw someone coming in, he shouted loudly, his face became more and more frightened, as if he had just seen something, terrible things, and his body trembled more and more severely.
Fang Mi looked at Nan Batian, a trace of contempt flashed in his heart.
Sure enough, people are really useless when they are old.
This southern tyrant grows old, but it’s not guaranteed at the end of the festival. What was it like back then?
How incredible!
But today?
Fang Mi raised his hand with a slap, slapped Nan Batian’s face fiercely, and directly drew Nan Batian to the ground.
“Nan Batian, I have been waiting for this day, I have been waiting for a full ten years!”

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