Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 11

Xiao Huang?
A big guy like Huang Yuming, calling himself Xiao Huang?
What a joke!
Lin Qiang only felt that he had tinnitus, he must have heard it wrong!
Several executives, the same faces froze, and couldn’t believe what they heard. They looked at each other and seemed to be asking, did I have hallucinations?
But everyone’s facial expressions are the same, is everyone hallucinating?
Lin Feng’s Adam’s apple slipped and his lips moved. “What does Huang call his own name?”
“Little Huang!”
Lin Qiang blurted out and shut up immediately.
If Huang Yuming heard him shout like this, I’m afraid he would be killed!
He wanted to follow up, but Huang Yuming had already closed the door.
The people outside, holding their breath, did not dare to gasp.
A small yellow sound made the entire floor feel frozen instantly!
What exactly is going on?
Didn’t Lin Yu really win this project because of her beauty, but Huang Yuming’s respectful attitude makes it more respectful than meeting her mother.
A group of people’s heads roared, and they couldn’t react for a long time.
And in the office.
Lin Yu really got up and walked over quickly: “Mr. Huang, why did you come by yourself?”
She really didn’t know, Lin Qiang didn’t tell her at all.
At this moment, this silly girl hadn’t reacted yet, and Lin Qiang wanted her to embarrass.
Seeing Lin Yuzhen’s embarrassed look, Huang Yuming was even more frightened.
“Ouch, Miss Lin, don’t be so polite, don’t be so polite!”
Huang Yuming hurriedly said, “I came to see you, this is what it should be!”
He didn’t know Lin Yu’s true identity before, and he was a little arrogant in his attitude, and even had some crooked thoughts, but now, given him ten thousand courage, he dare not.
Seeing Huang Yuming’s respectful appearance, Lin Yu was really surprised, not knowing what happened.
She turned her head to look at Jiang Ning subconsciously, wouldn’t she have something to do with this guy again?
She turned her head, Huang Yuming also turned her head, seeing a man sitting on the sofa, she couldn’t help but feel a move. Who is this man?
“I am her husband.”
Jiang Ning introduced himself directly, even if he stopped talking.
Huang Yuming gave a thud in his heart.
Big brother’s eldest brother’s woman has a husband?
what’s going on.
But this is not something he can manage. The order he got is to complete the contract and help Lin Yuzhen.
“Miss Lin, I came here today to sign the contract. If you have any details you want to change, just tell me, I will do it all!”
Even if all the profits were taken away, Huang Yuming would not frown.
“Thank you, Mr. Huang, for your support. Now that the talks have been completed, let’s do as we said before.”
Lin Yu said with joy.
Although she didn’t know what happened, she was happier than anyone else to successfully win this project.
“I almost forgot. The contract is still in the legal department. I will get it right away.”
Lin Yuzhen nodded and signaled Huang Yuming to wait a while before walking out of the office.
“Miss Lin?”
Huang Yuming couldn’t help but said, “Do you know Brother Fei?”
Lin Yu was startled, Brother Fei? Who is that?
She shook her head: “I don’t know him.”
Huang Yuming said with a smile: “It’s all right, then I’ll wait for you to get the contract in the office.”
Lin Yu really opened the door quickly, and a group of people outside were waiting anxiously, with different expressions on their faces.
Seeing Lin Yu really opened the door, Lin Qiang’s expression stagnated, and the conversation was over so soon?
“President, what about the project contract? Mr. Huang agreed to sign it.”
Lin Yuzhen asked.
“Contract, Minister Qin, get the contract soon.” Lin Qiang was taken aback, turned his head and shouted immediately.
He was still dumbfounded.
The minister of the legal department went to get the contract immediately.
“Yuzhen, are you and Mr. Huang?” Lin Qiang couldn’t help asking, “What is the relationship?”
With that little yellow, Lin Qiang still had a numb scalp.
Lin Yuzhen frowned when she saw the eyes of everyone. She didn’t like others looking at her like this.
She didn’t speak, and Lin Qiang couldn’t ask any more.
In the office, Jiang Ning was still sitting there, with a lazy appearance.
Huang Yuming nodded for a moment, and then sat down on the other side.
In any case, this is Lin Yu’s real husband, so he still has to be polite.
“A Fei, this kid will become the head of Fei anytime.”
Suddenly, Jiang Ning said a word, making Huang Yuming seem to be sitting on a nail, and instantly stood up.
The whole person has become stiff!
Of course he knows Brother Fei’s name, but he has never seen anyone who dares to call A Fei directly!
The guy in front of me, I heard that it was Lin Yu’s husband who actually came to the house, he even knew Fei’s name, and he even dared to call A Fei directly!
“You…you know Brother Fei?”
After asking this question, Huang Yuming felt stupid.
His brain shook suddenly, and he reacted instantly, who was Jiang Ning in front of him!
Brother Fei’s eldest brother!
He is Lin Yuzhen’s husband, so he will take care of Lin Yuzhen. Otherwise, a mere woman, as for Fei Ge to call himself?
Huang Yuming’s face suddenly became pale, and her body couldn’t help shaking a little!
He didn’t know what to call Jiang Ning, the eldest brother’s eldest brother?
“You only need to know my identity, there is no need to reveal it.”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “A Fei told me that you know you in the East China Sea. In the East China Sea, you can’t help but work with you.”
Upon hearing this, Huang Yuming straightened up immediately, like a benchmark.
“Yes! Feel free to be dispatched!”
Damn, big brother’s big brother!
A Fei, he was already astonished as a celestial being, and he could become one of the big brothers in Donghai City in just five years. The big brother’s big brother…he couldn’t even imagine.
How sacred is this!
“My wife is a kind person. She is good at being bullied. There are always people who want to bully her. Do you know what to do with those dogs that don’t have eyes?”
“Big brother and brother don’t worry, you don’t need brother to take action for such a small role, Xiao Huang will help you handle it.”
Huang Yuming hesitated for a moment, still calling him Big Brother, but he had to talk to Fei when he turned around, otherwise Fei had misunderstood what to do.
The door of the office opened.
Jiang Ning looked lazy again, Huang Yuming still stood in front of him, bowed slightly, respectful.
“Mr. Huang, here’s the contract.”
Lin Yuzhen was a little surprised when he saw this scene. Mr. Huang, why does he seem to be a little afraid of Jiang Ning.
Huang Yuming immediately recovered his expression and smiled and said, “Ms. Lin, as soon as I met Mr. Jiang, we talked for a while.”
After he finished speaking, he immediately stepped forward and accepted the contract from Lin Yuzhen. Without looking at it, he directly signed the name.
“This project requires a lot of attention from Miss Lin. If there is anything I need to do, please call me at any time.”
Huang Yuming said.
After speaking, he nodded and greeted Jiang Ning, and then retreated, but Jiang Ning didn’t lift his eyelids.
Huang Yuming left Lin Yuzhen’s office and let out a long sigh, feeling relieved. This expression did not escape Lin Qiang’s eyes.
“President Huang…” Lin Qiang said.
“President Lin, the project has been signed. I have to make it clear to you first that Miss Lin must be responsible for this project, otherwise, I will terminate the contract at any time!”
Huang Yuming recovered his dominance and arrogance, “In addition!”
He looked at the executive who was really ridiculing Lin Yu when he opened the door just now: “Lin’s still don’t raise this kind of thing that doesn’t have long eyes!”

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