Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1100

Nanmen Villa was cleaned up again, Fang Mi didn’t ask, and naturally he didn’t say that those people in Nan Batian were not solved by them.
It seems that some people got here earlier than them, and solved these people.
And Nan Batian was even more frightened and completely panicked until he died tragically in Fang Mi’s hands!
“Within one day, integrate all the industries and list the Universe Island separately.”
Fang Mi ordered, “If someone wants to use this island, then give it to him.”
If Jiang Ning wants it, give it to him. Fang Mi even hopes that Jiang Ning will stay on that Universe Island all his life…
He doesn’t want anyone? Can threaten his status!
Even if he was already strong by Jiang Ning before, he was almost shocked, but now, he wants more!
The heart is not enough to swallow the elephant.
It’s just that Fang Mi won’t know, his greed will only kill him!

What to do on your honeymoon?
In addition to eating and shopping, holding hands to take pictures, there are many other things you can do.
In short, come as you please.
Jiang Ning is a very casual person, Lin Yu really obeyed his words, he is his own man, of course, what he said is what he said.
“Cosmic Island?”
Hearing this name, Su Yun immediately jumped up, “Good place! Good place!”
Her eyes are like twelve-watt bulbs that can emit light.
“Sister, don’t you know? On the Universe Island, there is a Three-Life Fate Stone!”
“It is rumored that lovers who stand on the three-life fate stone and swear will all grow old!”
Lin Yuzhen looked suspiciously at Su Yun.
What kind of three-benefit stone?
It sounds so mysterious, is it useful?
“Husband, where are you taking me?”
This was brought up by Jiang Ning. Of course she had no objection. Especially, it seemed very interesting to hear Su Yun say that the Three-Life Fate Stone.
She grows old…Of course she wants to grow old with Jiang Ning.
“Well, let’s go there to play, there are many interesting places on the island, I have asked them all.”
Jiang Ning smiled and nodded, “Of course, there are many delicious ones.”
Hearing the food, Su Yun immediately took Lin Yuzhen’s hand.
“Tenth-level photographer, I have been waiting for this day for a long time.”
She patted her chest and said, “Sister, you believe me, you will never eat so much… Bah, I will definitely take good pictures of you!”
Lin Yu really has any comments.
She listened to what Jiang Ning said.
Universe Island is closed.
But Fang Mi arranged a yacht to send Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen over.
In a short time, the scenic spot of Qiankun Island only received Jiangning and the others, and the rest were not allowed to approach Qiankun Island for half a step.
Su Yun was a little excited.
This is a charter!
If someone rents a movie theater, it can make headlines. Jiangning is now covering the entire island and the entire tourist attractions. How much does it cost?
“I hope that in the future, my man can also cover an entire island for me. It is so romantic!”
“I think it makes more sense to take you to eat a buffet for a month.”
Jiang Ning glanced at her and said lightly.
He took everyone on the yacht and headed directly towards Qiankun Island.
From a distance, watching Jiang Ning and his party drive towards Qiankun Island, Fang Mi’s eyes revealed a vicious and cold murderous intent!
“I’m sorry, I want this Universe Island too, no one wants to give it.”
Fang Mi sneered, “No matter how good you are, in this life, don’t even think about getting out of Universe Island…”

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