Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1101

Looking at the yacht and disappearing from sight, Fang Miyin sneered, then turned and left.
He has arranged everything.
Now this Universe Island, no one is allowed to go up, Jiang Ning and others, even if they die on it, no one will know.
Jiang Ning and the others thought that this Qiankun Island represents romance and eternity.
In fact, there is nothing wrong, as long as you die together, you will really be together forever.
Fang Mi got on his sports car and drove straight to the South Gate Villa.
Jiangning is destined to not come back. Then the underground circle of the South Island should be cleaned up. The tourism industry in the South Island should also be restored to the previous model.
Without the nosy person like Jiang Ning, what the South Island was like before, and what it should be now.
The difference is that the person who can enjoy all of this is no longer Nan Batian, but other Fang Mi!
“Are everything arranged?”
Fang Mi called while driving, “Don’t be merciful, you must leave them on Qiankun Island. It doesn’t matter where they are buried, as long as they die.”
He sneered: “My brothers and I are waiting for you to come back at the South Gate Villa, and I will celebrate your work!
After speaking, Fang Mi hung up the phone.
After confirming the arrangement on Qiankun Island, there is no problem, the stone in his heart can finally be put down.
Once Jiang Ning died, everything was settled.
This underground circle of the South Island has finally arrived!
Fang Mi drove back to the South Gate Villa and went straight to the door.
The iron gates on both sides, the people who were supposed to be on duty, have disappeared?
He was a little angry.
“It seems that some guys still have to beat and beat, Nan Batian is dead, but Jiang Ning is not dead yet? He dare to be so relaxed.”
Fang Mi snorted.
He parked the car and walked straight to the South Gate Villa-now it was his home.
Pushing the door and entering, Fang Mi didn’t see it, standing on both sides of the door, welcoming his maid, only saw that in the empty hall, a dozen people were lying down everywhere!
All are his henchmen!
The blood, stained the floor red, and even stumped limbs, choking bloody smell, immediately made Fang Mi almost vomiting.
His face was pale, and his legs became soft in an instant.
There is still a trace of the ambition and greed just now!
“No, impossible…impossible!”
Fang Mi yelled as if he had seen a ghost, staring at the man sitting on the sandalwood chair, screaming like a lunatic.
“Why didn’t you die! Impossible! Absolutely impossible!”
Sitting on that sandalwood chair, Nan Batian could not see a trace of murderous intent between his brows, but his hands were already dyed red!
On the ground, the dozen corpses, even a few people, were torn off by him alive!
“What you killed was just a substitute for me.”
Nan Batian said indifferently, “Fang Mi, I didn’t expect that you have some ambitions.”
Fang Mi only felt his legs soft, plopped, and knelt down directly!
“Big Brother!”
He squatted his head, and on his forehead, blood was suddenly dripping, “Big Brother! I was wrong! I was wrong!”
He always wondered why Nan Batian became more timid as he grew older. In these years, he even looked like a retired old man without a trace of vigour.
Even if someone rides on his head, he doesn’t have a trace of temper.
He thought Nan Ba ​​Tian was old, but how did he know that it was just Nan Ba ​​Tian’s stand-in?
Why didn’t he find out!
Fang Mi yelled, walked to Nan Batian, kowtow again and again: “Brother, I was wrong, give me a chance…”

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