Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1106

“Everyone, all for survival.”
Nan Batian smiled and groaned, “You broke the rules of the underground circle of my South Island, and it makes me hard to be a human being.”
“In that case, it can only make you dead.”
The momentum of the four people gradually rose!
Four masters at the master level, besieged Jiang Ning!
Just like four cold ice skates, extremely cold!
But Jiang Ning still has no fear at all.
Even behind him, Lin Yuzhen, who still touched the Three-Life Fate Stone with both hands, had nothing to do with him, earnestly reciting Jiang Ning’s name silently.
“I have been waiting for you for a long time.”
For this round, Jiang Ning did not spend much time.
Finally, these idiots were still fooled, but unfortunately, the Lord never appeared.
This is really a pity.
Otherwise, today, we can catch them all in one go!
Four people do it at the same time!
Turning into an afterimage, rushing towards Jiangning from four directions at the same time.
Nan Batian screamed, he knew that if he did it today, then Jiang Ning would die, otherwise, he would be finished.
Raise your fist, roar!
Fist soaring!
The four of them shot at the same time, but they didn’t expect to give Jiang Ning a chance to resist.
But Jiang Ning stood there, slowly stepped forward, stood steady, and moved slowly, as if he was practicing qigong and didn’t care at all. At this moment, there are four great masters who are besieging him!
“This Ji Dao Boxing Book is about a Ji Dao.”
“What is Jidao?”
“The strongest!”
“The most domineering!”
Jiang Ning seemed to be talking to herself, and he seemed to be talking to four people.
He slowly raised his fist, one finger to the sky, the other to the ground, and he stood up and down, as if he was the only one in this world!
Suddenly, Jiang Ning punched, and the chasing in front of him was clearly a few steps away from him, but the violent fist strength set off a violent wind and pressed it down!
Xu Ming’s expression changed, he dodged sideways, and sneered with disdain.
“Do you think these methods will be useful to me? This is just…”
He didn’t finish, suddenly, his face changed drastically!
Jiang Ning is already close to him!
That iron fist kept zooming in, like a big mountain, pressing down hard, chasing his life, unable to finish speaking, and quickly raised his hands to block——
As soon as he touched, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, this strength is not very good, as long as the strength is removed…
The thoughts in his heart hadn’t even come to speak in a hurry, and an extremely violent boxing force broke out in an instant!
Layer after layer, layer upon layer, overbearing to the extreme!
With a scream of fate, the whole person flew out, hit the ground heavily, opened his mouth with a wow, spurting blood, and his face was full of horror.
“This… how is this possible!”
He is a master of the Great Master level. Among the ten messengers, he is ranked top in strength. Even when facing Pang Feiyan, he doesn’t feel that he will be weaker than him.
How… how could this happen!
Could it be that Jiang Ning has already controlled all the moves on the two pages of the boxing sheet?
Not only him, but the other three people all changed their expressions. They didn’t expect that Jiang Ning would be so terrible when he shot.
“kill him!”
Nan Batian didn’t know about Jiang Ning’s other things. Seeing Jiang Ning at this moment, he still dared to resist, no matter where he was concerned.
If Jiang Ning is not dead, it will be him who will die!
He took the lead, turned his hands into knives, and slammed Jiang Ning away.
And Jiang Ning, still steadily striding forward, watched his movements, even a little clumsy, but in the hearts of Zheng Qiankun and others, stormy waves were set off!

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