Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1107

In the eyes of laymen, Jiang Ning’s movements are very clumsy and very slow.
But in the eyes of Zheng Qiankun and others… the feeling of being so light-hearted really shocked their hearts!
Jiang Ning…How strong is he already?
They just felt that Jiangning was not as difficult to deal with as the master said.
As long as the four people work together, Jiang Ning can be easily solved, but now, the faces of a few people are extremely ugly!
“Be careful!”
Zheng Qiankun shouted.
But Nan Batian was too late.
He turned the knife with both hands, lowered his whole body, skimmed over, and severely cut towards Jiang Ning’s lower waist.
In his opinion, Jiang Ning’s loopholes are wide open at this moment, and his body is full of flaws, especially in the two lower backs, almost all of the fatalities are exposed to his own eyes.
Is he looking for death?
“go to hell!”
Nan Batian’s palm slashed left and right on Jiang Ning’s waist, but he didn’t hear the cracking and cracking sound of the bones, just like hitting a balloon, slightly sunken, and directly hit his palm, forcibly. come out!
Nan Batian’s expression changed, and he couldn’t care about the next move. He stepped a little, and immediately retreated.
So weird!
Jiang Ning was unstoppable, letting him attack, and his attack felt like hitting cotton.
Nan Batian backed up one after another, suddenly raised his head, but Jiang Ning was no longer seen!
“Here, do you want to leave?”
There was a sudden explosion in the ear, it was Jiang Ning’s voice!
Nan Batian didn’t even think about it, his right hand swept away, trying to repel Jiang Ning, who had quietly chased to his right side, but his arm swept past, but was grabbed by Jiang Ning’s hands instantly.
Nan Batian was shocked, before he finished speaking, Jiang Ning had already straightened him up!
Just like holding a sandbag, Nan Batian was severely smashed to the ground.
Jiang Ning’s actions are even more rude!
With this smash, Nan Batian only felt the blood rolling, the internal organs were turning, the throat was sweet, and the blood spurted out directly.
Jiang Ning didn’t mean to let go of him at all.
Holding Nan Batian’s arm tightly with both hands, he swiped it back and forth, and smashed it on the ground!

Zheng Qiankun was dumbfounded by them!
Nan Batian screamed twice at the beginning, and by the third time, there was no movement. He was covered with bones, and I don’t know how many bones were broken. The skin and flesh on his body had become soft and collapsed.
Jiang Ning flew a kick and slammed Nan Batian’s body, kicking him out, hitting the ground heavily, and immediately lost his life.
be quiet!
Very quiet!
Except for the sea breeze, it was still whizzing, Zheng Qiankun and others could not hear other sounds at all.
Is this a fucking human!
They have never seen someone like Jiang Ning who tortured and murdered.
He completely smashed Nan Batian on the ground like a sandbag. Who could bear it?
Face hard with the ground, no matter how strong the body is, it will be smashed into internal organs, and it will be thrown to death!
Ishipashou felt scared for the first time.
Chasing his life to wipe the blood from the corners of his mouth, his Adam’s apple slid up and down, his eyes full of fear.
However, Zheng Qiankun retracted his feet to step out, and immediately chose to stand with the other two.
This was just a face-to-face, Nan Batian couldn’t escape!
He was alive and killed by Jiang Ning!
At the same time.
Fang Mi, who was hiding not far away, trembled all over, leaving with cold sweat in his palms.
He knew that Jiang Ning was tough, but he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes. At this moment, he saw with his own eyes that Jiang Ning was like smashing a dog to death, smashing Nan Batian, a master who has been in the South Island for many years, to death!

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