Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1109

Fang Mi was numb in an instant!
Did he press the bomb button?
Jiang Ning is going to be blown to death!
Fang Mi’s pale face, bloodless, looked at the button under his palm, and his breathing stopped instantly.
And at that moment–
call out!
call out!
call out!
Several clusters of fireworks, skyrocketing, extremely gorgeous!
Colorful and beautiful.
“open one’s eyes.”
Jiang Ning walked to Lin Yuzhen, reached out and patted her on the shoulder, and smiled, “The time has come.”
Hearing Jiang Ning’s voice, Lin Yuzhen came back to his senses. As soon as he opened his eyes, he might see the splendid fireworks, forming a love, and launching from the ground into the sky!
The colorful fireworks, in mid-air, just form an arrow through the heart at this moment…
Lin Yu was really dumbfounded.
Stayed completely.
This is the surprise Jiang Ning gave her?
Seeing the extremely wonderful fireworks, she remained motionless and raised her head. She would use her eyelashes every minute and every second to edit it and store it in her memory, so she would never forget it for a lifetime.
From a distance, Su Yun watched this scene, his eyes were red.
“It’s too romantic…”
She pouted and looked at the dog next to her, “My brother-in-law, he said he wouldn’t arrange it?”
Brother Gou didn’t speak, waved his hand, more than a dozen figures disappeared again.
Lin Yu really couldn’t help it at this moment, tears slipping from the corner of his eyes, not sad, but happy, happiness.
She looked at Jiang Ning and pursed her lips: “Husband…”
After yelling, he couldn’t help crying, and immediately walked two steps quickly before jumping directly into Jiang Ning’s arms.
“I’m so touched!”
Jiang Ning laughed, stretched out his hand and hugged Lin Yuzhen tightly.
“Do you like it? This is my surprise for you.”
“Like! I like it! I like it so much!”
Lin Yuzhen put his hands around Jiang Ning’s waist, refused to let go, as if to exhaust all of his strength, wishing to rub himself into Jiang Ning’s body.
“I… I just, forgot how many times I said your name,”
Lin Yuzhen raised her head, her eyes flushed. She really didn’t expect that a tough guy like Jiang Ning would have such a soft side.
She really liked the surprise prepared for her.
“May I do it again?”
She was worried that she didn’t read Jiang Ning’s name enough, and the Three Life Fate Stone could not hear her own words.
“Enough! Enough!”
Jiang Ning took a deep breath and laughed, “Silly girl, these three-life fate stones, I have heard enough for a long time, maybe, I bother to hear my name.”
“If you read it again, I am afraid it will become impatient.”
“Okay, I don’t read, don’t read!”
The two held them tightly, letting the colorful fireworks gradually dissipate.
Jiang Ning knew that Lin Yuzhen would never forget these all his life.
The night was gradually sinking.
There was a bonfire on the beach, the flames illuminating the faces of several people.
Lin Yu really leaned on Jiang Ning’s shoulder and shrank. The sea breeze was blowing at night and it was really cold.
“My God! Brother Dog! I want to call you Lord Dog!”
Su Yun almost jumped up and took the chicken drumsticks cooked by Brother Dog, “Why do you know everything?”
Even the barbecuing, the dog brother is so good, this color, this smell, this taste…
“We beggars…”
Brother Gou straightened his body and learned from Jiang Ning’s stern look before, but before he finished speaking, Jiang Ning threw a slipper over.
“Beggars behave, go out and don’t reveal their identity.”
Both Lin Yuzhen and Su Yun couldn’t help laughing.

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