Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1111

“I love you–!”
The sound seemed to overshadow the rolling waves.
Lin Yu really looked like an innocent girl, facing the sea, facing the red sun, and shouted what he wanted to say the most at the moment.
Jiang Jingjing watched quietly and smiled.
The most beautiful love is like this, one is making trouble, the other is laughing.
Lin Yuzhen shouted with a loud voice. In the tent in the distance, Su Yun stretched out his head, rubbed his eyes, and was still yawning.
“Huh? It’s already sunrise?”
Seeing the red sun on the sea level, she had already jumped out of the sea. She immediately became energetic and turned around and got into the tent to look for her mobile phone to take pictures.
“Ahhhhh! Why did you sleep to death! Missed! Missed!”
Su Yun really wanted to slap himself hard, set two alarm clocks in a row, but didn’t even wake him up.
She didn’t dare to stay up in the middle of the night, for fear that she might hear strange noises from the tent next door.
When I got up early, I couldn’t see the sunrise, I could only see a handful of dog food, Su Yun comforted himself.
Its daybreak.
Jiang Ning left Qiankun Island with Lin Yuzhen and others.
This line made Lin Yu really happy, and even more like a honeymoon.
On Jiang Ning’s side, he also achieved his goal.
Although the Lord did not appear, he was able to kill the three messengers. He felt that the Lord could hardly bear it.
As a result, I am afraid that there are not many people who can use it.
If the Lord wants to do it himself, the time for the two people to meet will become shorter and shorter.
After solving this matter, Jiang Ning stopped thinking about it. This time the encirclement and suppression plan was not very successful, but it was satisfactory enough.
He took Lin Yuzhen and others back to the South Island.
As soon as they arrived at the hotel, Fangsuo, Chumen and others hurriedly rushed to see them.
Jiang Ning let Lin Yuzhen, who hadn’t slept all night, take a shower and lie down in bed comfortably, while he walked to the hall and sat down on the sofa.
“Mr. Jiang!”
Truman shouted respectfully, “That Nan Batian… is dead!”
They had just received the news and found Nan Batian’s body. They were shocked instantly. Before they could react, the more shocking news made Chu Men and others almost numb.
“anything else.”
Hearing these words, Jiang Ning was expressionless.
Of course he knew it, and died under his hands, could he not know.
“Also, the underground circle of the South Island was destroyed overnight!”
There was a tremor in Truman’s voice, “That Fang Mi… is already crazy. I don’t know what it was stimulated. He is completely crazy.”
“Is it really crazy?”
After Truman finished speaking, he added another sentence, fearing that Jiang Ning would misunderstand that this Fang Mi was to avoid punishment, and acted like a grizzly, pretending to be crazy and stupid.
Where did he know such shocking news, Jiang Ning just gave a faint hum, as if he didn’t care at all.
He turned his head and looked at Fangsuo.
“Mengtianya Travel Co., Ltd. is now the tourism industry standard in the South Island. In accordance with Lin’s intention, a series of new industry service standards have been formulated, and the industry has accepted them!”
Fangsuo was also a little excited.
Nan Batian is dead, and the malignant tumor that has oppressed their industry for many years has been cleared. He is happier than anyone else!
Not to mention, every reform and change of Meng Tianya now has become a new standard in the industry. This feeling makes him feel very fulfilled.
“We have Lin’s label on our heads, so we must do our best and never lose the face of Mr. Jiang and Mr. Lin!”
Fang Zuo said excitedly.
Jiang Ning nodded.
“Keep on it, this is just a small improvement.”

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