Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1115

Several persons in charge got up and immediately went to discuss the best response plan.
This is their job, but also their responsibility!
Lin Yuzhen fully believed in them, and given them this right, they didn’t want to disappoint Lin Yuzhen.
Jiang Ning sat there, from beginning to end, without speaking.
Lin Yu really did the things in the company, and Jiang Ning would not intervene if she could solve them.
If she can’t solve it, she will do it herself.
“It’s getting more and more stylish.”
Jiang Ning smiled, he didn’t take the so-called trouble to his heart at all. He didn’t care about Slanka, even those rich brands in Europe, what about?
He prefers that through these so-called opponents, Lin Yu can really grow up.
At least, now it seems that Lin Yu is really more and more like an entrepreneur.
“Is it?”
In front of work, Lin Yu was really resolute, strong and determined, but in front of Jiang Ning, she was just a little woman.
Even if he was molested by Jiangning, he would blush.
Hearing Jiang Ning boasting about himself, Lin Yu really bit his lip, “It’s okay.”
“Well, your floral skirt is also very good.”
Lin Yuzhen reacted. He hadn’t changed his clothes yet, so she glared at Jiang Ning, then immediately pulled Jiang Ning and left the company.
After returning home, Meimei had a meal, and Su Mei’s own dishes made Lin Yu really relaxed a little.
As soon as they came back, Su Mei stared at Lin Yu, always feeling that her own daughter seemed a little different.
Her eyes that swept Lin Yuzhen’s belly from time to time made Lin Yuzhen’s face flush.
“Mom, what are you thinking about.”
“Oh, nothing, nothing.”
Su Mei smiled and waved her hands again and again, “I just see, have you gained weight lately? Do you have a small belly?”
Lin Yu really blushed.
“No, it’s easy to get fat.”
“Is it,”
Su Mei’s tone seemed disappointed, she immediately turned her head and looked at Jiang Ning who was sitting there, “Jiang Ning, then you have to work hard.”
Jiang Ning, who was drinking water, almost squirted out.
Lin Yu really didn’t gain weight, how did he work hard?
Before Jiang Ning could speak, Su Mei got into the kitchen again, still muttering, “I need to adjust my body, raise it well, it is necessary to prepare early…”
“go to company!”
I can’t stay at home anymore.
Is this my own home or Jiangning’s home?
Is this my own mother or mother-in-law? I can’t wait to have a baby by myself.
That’s a grandson, not a grandson.
Jiang Ning was amused for a while.
Knowing that Lin Yu really couldn’t let go of the company’s affairs, it was impossible for her to rest.
The two returned to the company, and the plan negotiated by several departments had come out, and they were immediately given to Lin Yuzhen.
Their opinions are very unified. This is trouble, but it is also an opportunity!
“Lin’s future development path is definitely not just domestic!”
This is what Lin Yuzhen has always told them. In these days, Lin’s development layout is also working hard for overseas expansion. Now the domestic layout has almost completed 70%, and only some third- and fourth-tier cities remain.
As for the huge overseas market, Lin had already noticed it.
Why, only overseas brands come to make money in China?
Lins, also want to make their money!
“Sometimes, it’s time to fight a tough battle,”
The head of the Legal Department said seriously, “Whether we win or lose, at least, the company needs this kind of tempering, and…we will not lose.”
She glanced at Lin Yuzhen and then at Jiang Ning.
With Jiangning, how could Lin lose?
Let alone one Slanka, there are ten, and they are not afraid!
Lin Yu really looked at their plan seriously and nodded: “Well, since we are going to fight, then we must win, notify the relevant personnel of various departments, and make all preparations!”
“This battle, I will take you to win together!”

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