Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 112

Lin Qiang and his son, and Jin Long’s uncle and nephew, were driven out of the first hospital directly, leaving their faces completely lost!
No matter what Lin Qiang said, Jin Long didn’t give him a good face.
Even more coldly left a sentence, letting the Lin Family fend for themselves!
“Asshole! Asshole!”
Lin Qiang yelled and shook his body with anger.
He turned his head and glanced at Lin Feng, who hurriedly explained.
“Dad, I’ve arranged everything! Three million! That deputy dean fucks us!”
Lin Qiang slapped his hand up and slapped Lin Feng’s face fiercely: “Useless things!”
Even this little thing can’t be done well.
He was even more angry. The famous doctor, instead of treating Jin Ran, chose Lin Wen to get Lin Wen to stand up again.
He doesn’t allow this to happen!
“It’s a pity that I didn’t kill you back then!”
Lin Qiang was annoyed and his face was grim, Lin Feng was too scared to say a word.
In recent days, the family’s industry has been hit one after another, and the losses have been extremely heavy.
If this continues, there will really be only the Lin family in Donghai City.
Once Lin Wen stood up again, who else could stop him?
Lin Qiang’s face was sullen and murderous.
Lin Wu couldn’t use it now, and Lin Wen wanted Jiang Ning to protect him. He just wanted to do it, but he didn’t have a chance.
Can’t just watch Lin Wen recover and watch Lin Wen make his new Lin family bigger and stronger.
“Lin Feng, you immediately leave the East China Sea, find that person, and tell him that I agreed to the conditions he opened last time.”
Lin Qiang said coldly, “I only need a little bit to ruin Lin Wen’s family!”
Lin Feng couldn’t help trembling: “Dad…”
Lin Qiang’s face was almost distorted, “In the Lin family, I am the boss, no one can threaten me, no!”
At the same moment.
Jin Long sat in the car, his eyes were dull, and he almost lost all his energy. He didn’t know how to explain to his eldest brother when he returned.
The famous doctor has already left, and looking at his relationship with Jiang Ning, he would definitely not be willing to treat his legs.
“Second uncle, am I unable to stand up anymore?”
Jin Ran’s tone was low and couldn’t help crying.
“No, there are many famous doctors in the world, and we will think of ways again.”
Jin Ran trembled: “I shouldn’t provoke that neurosis, shouldn’t provoke him…”
He burst into tears.
Now I really regret it.
Jin Long did not speak.
“Second Uncle! Kill him! Kill him!”
Jin Ran suddenly raised his head, his eyes fierce, “Kill him and give me revenge!”
“Don’t worry, the Jin family will definitely collect this account for you!”
No one has ever dared to sin against the Jin family like this. This is an endless hatred. The Jin Ran single biography of the Jin family has been abolished, and it is not known what it will be like to be laughed at.
Jin Long had heard the news a long time ago. After the Thunder Operation, the underground circle of Donghai City is now desolate.
Those big guys in the provincial capital would not be willing to give up such a piece of fat, their eyes had already been fixed.
Especially, the famous Black Dragon and Lin Wu were beaten out of the East China Sea, which made people have a desire to conquer.
“As long as you make a little arrangement and kill the Jiangning family by the way, it doesn’t matter at all.”
Jin Long has his own contacts, and this is nothing to him.
But how can it be killed easily?
Don’t torture that family well, make Lin Wen crippled again, make Jiang Ning a real neurosis, and the pair of mother and daughter look pretty good…

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