Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1121

Fang Jun sat there with a slight smile on his face.
What he said was very polite, but the tone of disdain and loftyness, even with a hint of threat, did not conceal the least.
“The development of the Lin Group can be said to be a miracle. If you are suddenly overthrown and want to achieve today’s achievement, I think it will be very difficult.”
Fang Jun smiled, “That price, I think it’s two, I definitely don’t want to pay.”
“Slanka, however, is not a company that rushes to extinction. We are willing to give our peers a chance.”
Jiang Ning looked at Fang Jun and laughed, “What about the conditions?”
He didn’t want to talk so much nonsense.
There is a saying that you can’t get too early without profit, and there is a saying that you can’t go to the Palace of Three Treasures.
This Fang Jun came to Lin to discuss before the trial, and he must have been uneasy.
“Actually, it’s not a condition,”
Fang Jun smiled and said casually, “It’s just that Lin’s wanting to retreat completely must have to pay a price.
“We told the manager, not much.”
He stretched out two fingers: “First, the patent for this new product aimed at the North must be transferred to us. Second, compensation for Sri Lanka’s losses, one billion US dollars.”
Jiang Ning asked, “I don’t think it’s enough.”
Fang Jun was startled.
“It’s only one billion U.S. dollars, and what Silanka has lost during this period of time is not lower than one billion, right? I think we should compensate two billion U.S. dollars.”
“Mr. Jiang, are you kidding?”
Fang Jun was a little surprised, and didn’t know what Jiang Ning meant.
not enough?
Could it be that the Lin family is already scared and willing to pay a higher price in order to reach a reconciliation?
“You made the joke first.”
Jiang Ning said lightly.
Fang Jun’s face blushed before he realized that he was tricked by Jiang Ning.
“Mr. Jiang, I came with sincerity,”
Fang Jun didn’t care what Jiang Ning said, “The terms can be negotiated. We, Slanka, are still willing to give Lin’s this opportunity.”
Now that Slanka has taken the initiative, he is not afraid of Lin’s failure to submit.
So much dirty water waiting to be poured on Lin’s head, they will not disregard Lin’s reputation, right?
The conditions he offered are naturally not the final conditions. Both parties need to constantly fight and discuss, but at least, they must get the patent right for that new product!
“Are you willing to give Lin a chance?”
Lin Yu was really angry.
She has never seen such a shameless person.
Come to blackmail, blackmail, and even say that it’s giving Lin a chance?
Not to mention the one-billion-dollar compensation, it is impossible for Lin to give Slanka to the patent for the new product alone.
This is Lin’s thing, he Slanka, but he has no right or qualification to take it away!
Her voice became cold, “I, Lin, I don’t want to give you Sri Lanka a chance!”
Hearing this, Fang Jun’s face also sank.
“Mr. Lin, maybe you don’t know what the situation is now, do you need me to tell you?”
“no need.”
Jiang Ning waved his hand directly, “Let’s see you in court and tell you that the people behind Slanka tried to use the capitalist’s way to plunder Lin. You really found the wrong person.”
Fang Jun stood up.
“You know, I missed my last chance!”
“I know, Slanka, you missed your last chance.”
Jiang Ning waved his hand directly, “Send off the guests!”
Fang Jun was annoyed, and Xiang Gao asked him to do his best to give Lin enough pressure to force them to agree to a reconciliation before the court opened, but Jiang Ning seemed to have no idea what was good or bad!

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