Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1122

Before he finished speaking, Jiang Ning stepped forward and slapped Fang Jun directly on the face.
“My name, you are also qualified to call it?”
Between Jiang Ning’s eyebrows and Yu, there was a chill that made Fang Jun’s cruel words sink again, and he didn’t dare to say it at all.
“you you……”
He hesitated for a long time, but he didn’t say a word. He just dared to cover his face and stood there, angry and helpless.
“Go back and tell the person behind you, Slanka, I’m watching.”
Fang Jun didn’t know what it meant when Jiang Ning said this.
In this world, it seems that there is only one person who is targeted by Jiang Ning.
Disappear completely!
Fang Jun didn’t dare to say anything, and left dingy.
“It seems that Slanka doesn’t have much confidence.”
If they are sure of victory, they don’t need to send people to come to the battle.
But it’s not good to send someone like this. He wants to use his power to overwhelm others without seeing who is sitting across from him.
Lin Yuzhen frowned slightly: “Husband, the man behind Slanka…”
“Possibly, it has connections with those overseas forces that covet wild mines in the Great Northwest.”
Jiang Ning narrowed his eyes and said lightly.
That time he asked A Fei to carry out Operation Thunder, sweeping away those companies in the northwestern region that transported rare minerals overseas.
It must have moved a lot of people’s cakes.
Now Lin’s is not just an enterprise, but also has different responsibilities.
“Don’t worry, I found out, that Song is right, it’s kind of interesting.”
Jiang Ning smiled, “Wait for a good show.”
After that, Jiang Ning stopped taking this matter into his mind, and turned around to find Xiao Zhao for snacks.
When Fang Jun returned to the company, he immediately went to Xianggao, his face was ugly!
“Mr. Xiang, Jiang Ning doesn’t know good or bad! He even dared to beat me!”
Fang Jun was very annoyed, “We must completely destroy the Lin family!”
Xiang Gao looked at Fang Jun in front of him and looked at him hysterically, frowning deeper.
He has always been in the north. Although he has never seen his face, he also knows how terrifying the big movements in the north some time ago are.
Dozens of big-name families disappeared overnight, and even the top wealthy family Pang family was wiped out!
It is impossible for ordinary people to know, but he learned through some channels that all of this is related to Lin’s Jiang Ning!
Jiang Ning, the name from the north, is the most unwilling to hear now.
That represents destruction!
Thinking of this, he slid towards the high Adam’s apple, and the fear in his heart grew stronger.
“Mr. Xiang?”
Seeing Xianggao in a daze, as if he hadn’t listened to his own words, Fang Jun hurriedly shouted.
“I know.”
Xiang Gao regained his senses, his face was a little embarrassed, and even more desperate, “Since Lin refused to reconcile and gave up this opportunity by himself, then don’t blame us for being impolite.”
“Yes, Mr. Xiang, the barrister’s side, is ready. Lin’s party invited Song, right. I heard it was a stutter.”
Waved to Gao, not wanting to say anything, Fang Jun went straight down.
He wanted to tell Baumol not to go against Jiang Ning.
At least, for now, there is not a single person who opposes Jiang Ning who can live to this day. Others don’t know it. Wouldn’t Baumol check it out himself?
With the strength of the Bao family, I should be able to know some.
I’m afraid, he still didn’t put Jiang Ning in his eyes!
Xiang Gao sat there with his brows furrowed, he was hesitating, whether he wanted to betray him or not!

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