Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1124

Lin Yu really ignored Baumol.
For people she didn’t know, and those who had bad intentions, she would treat them as dogs. This was the method Jiang Ning taught her.
With a soft sound, the judge yelled.
Although the scene was very quiet, no one spoke.
Jiang Ning sat there, he didn’t speak, who would dare to speak?
This was the first time the judge saw it. In such a quiet scene, he didn’t say much, and just followed the process.
I have to say that Slanka has come prepared, and the lawyer he hired is not small in the world, and he is well prepared.
At the beginning, the momentum was astonishing. The data of Lin’s new product came from the Shenghai Research Institute, and the data of the Shenghai Research Institute was collected by their Slanka, so they were not willing to release it.
“Lin’s group, speaking of it, is a thieves’ group. It’s a shameful act to develop itself by stealing and plundering. I implore the judge to ask Lin’s to return the patents of the new products and make Compensation accordingly!”
Silanka’s lawyers are eloquent, rigorous in thinking, and have a good offensive power. People who don’t know the situation will feel that it is Lin’s fault.
Song Duo, who was sitting in the dock, had a red face and said nothing, and seemed to have no idea how to deal with it.
That nervous and cramped appearance attracted many people to whisper.
“Why did Lin find such a lawyer?”
“I heard that I’m still stuttering, I’m nervous now, and I’m still arguing!”
“I think Lin, I’m going to plant today!”
“Be quiet, you don’t want to live anymore?”

Jiang Ning didn’t pay any attention, he just sat there like a real Dinghai Shenzhen. Seeing Song Duihe glanced at him, he nodded lightly.
“Now, I have the defendant’s submission.”
As soon as the voice fell, Song stood up.
At that moment, it seemed that someone changed suddenly!
Song Du Du Dui exudes a completely different breath!
“I think what the plaintiff said is absolutely nonsense!”
As soon as he spoke, everyone felt that there was a cannon, which burst out suddenly, one after another, one bomb followed by another bomb!
Moreover, every bomb was extremely precise, directly hitting attorney Slaka’s hidden vitality!
When it came to five minutes, Fang Jun’s expression changed.
When it came to ten minutes, the entire Slanka seat frowned.
Speaking of the fifteen minute hand, Slanka’s attorney turned pale!
“I think the plaintiff must want to ask a few questions, I’ll help you sort them out here,”
Song Duo was still a bit stuttered, completely incarnate as Song Dong-tiao, like a laser cannon. His words were fierce and well-founded, so that the other party couldn’t refute it at all.
He took out the questions he had prepared a long time ago, and answered every time he said one, and looked at the other party’s lawyer every time he said one, his face turned greener.
This is indeed the other party’s killer move that was prepared long ago!
But in front of Song Duo Duo, he was already vulnerable!
The situation is almost one-sided!
Especially, when Song paired up several key pieces of evidence, Bowmore’s pupils shrank suddenly.
“what happened?”
Baumol’s face was pale, and he turned his head to look at the senior man, murderously, “How could things become like this?”
“How can Lin’s people get evidence of these things?”

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