Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1126

“The Bao family?”
Lin Yu really didn’t know much about this Bao family.
“Twenty years ago, the Bao family was also a large family in the north, and even had the opportunity to become a first-class family, but they suddenly chose to emigrate overseas for the entire family, and in the past twenty years, they have developed extremely well outside the sea.”
“The Dadonghua area in Sri Lanka is the market opened by their Bao family, and they are basically in the hands of his Bao family.”
Li Dong said, “This family…does everything with all means and uses everything. In the industry, it doesn’t have a good reputation.”
He turned his head and looked at Jiang Ning.
“Brother Ning, conventional methods are ineffective. I am afraid they will use some unconventional methods.”
Li Dong didn’t know what was going on. After saying this, he suddenly felt so excited.
It seems that he is especially looking forward to the Bao family using some unconventional methods, so that he can see Jiang Ning make a move again!
Jiang Ning drooped his eyelids and didn’t care at all. Instead, he yawned.
“Let’s go, my wife, the first round of the contest was introduced. We won, and we will celebrate.”
He took Lin Yuzhen’s hand and left straight away.
And Li Dong hasn’t reacted yet.
Wouldn’t Jiang Ning make a statement?
It’s okay to put a harsh word.
“Patriarch Song, what are you laughing at?”
Seeing Li Dong smiling, he couldn’t help asking, “Am I wrong?”
“No, you are all right, this Bao family is really not easy to mess with,”
Song Xiaoyu turned his head and looked at the back of Jiang Ning leaving, “But Mr. Jiang, it’s not easy to mess with.”
“You only saw the crisis encountered by Slanka suing Lin, but Mr. Jiang, what you see is an opportunity. In addition to the crisis, there is a huge opportunity. For Lin, this is an excellent step. .”
Li Dong’s eyes shrank slightly.
He certainly knows that Lin’s development plan is not only in the country, but also planned overseas, but this time it is a lawsuit with Silanka. He has been thinking about how to win this lawsuit.
Jiang Ning was thinking about what to do after winning the lawsuit, the next step, or even the next two steps and three steps!
Jiang Ning didn’t think he would lose!
What he has been thinking about is, after winning the lawsuit and swelling Slanka’s face, what else to do!
“Congratulations, President Li, I’m afraid you will be promoted.”
After Song Xiaoyu finished speaking, he didn’t say any more, and left with Song Duo.
He knew very well that the Bao family would definitely not give up, but the more they provoke Jiang Ning, the worse the consequences will be.
The more they devoted themselves, to Lin’s, they were actually sending warmth.
Song Xiaoyu knows too well if others don’t understand.
Fight with the sky, fight with the earth, don’t fight with Jiangning.
The news of Slanka’s fiasco in the court, like a joke, spread all over the north almost in the blink of an eye!
Slanka was called framed and slandered. Not only did he not get everything they wanted, but he was even sentenced to pay 30 million for Lin’s reputation loss!
This is equivalent to a slap on Baumol’s face, then another slap!
In particular, the photos of Baumol, with a cold face, gaffes in court and slapped Fang Jun, have been posted on the Internet.
“Bastard! That Lin family is a bastard!”
Watching the news, Baumol was so angry that he wanted to kill.
He just realized that the court had so many reporters and media. He thought it was arranged with Gao and the others, in order to make Lin lose the news of the lawsuit, and it was the first time it was fermented.
But now, he knew that it was arranged by Lin, in order to make the news of his failure in Slanka and his shameful photos spread all over the world!
“Jiangning, I want to kill you!”
Baumol growled.

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