Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1127

He didn’t expect that things would turn out to be like this, completely different from what he expected!
Baumol originally thought that to deal with Lin, this lawsuit alone was enough to put pressure on Lin and make them bow their heads.
This kind of newly-emerged company is most afraid of damage to its reputation, affecting their overseas development plans, and dare not offend a major international brand such as Sri Lanka.
Where can I think that people like Jiang Ning have no fear!
He chose hard bars directly, and got key evidence.
“Damn it!”
Baumol was very annoyed. These evidences were especially important. They were not important members of Slanka. It was impossible to know. How could it be leaked?
They want to win the lawsuit and suppress Lin’s, they just want to kill. Lin’s new product is based on their data.
But now, it’s too late to say anything.
“Mr. Bowmore, this is the news you want.”
The secretary walked in cautiously. During this time, she was in charge of Bowmore’s affairs. Xiang Gao didn’t want to see Bowmore, so she wanted to resign several times.
Facing this moody Baumol, everyone was terrified.
Looking at the news on the desktop, Baumol’s face became more and more ugly.
He slapped him on the table, “Where is Xiang Gao?”
“Mr. Xiang… is not in the company.”
The secretary said cautiously.
“Where did he go?”
Baumol asked.
“No… I don’t know.”
The secretary’s voice was a little low. Where did Xiang Gao go, where did she know, let alone ask.
“Let him come and see me.”
Baumol was a little impatient.
Let the secretary get out, standing alone in front of the French window, his face is always ugly.
He made a mistake.
Lin, who originally thought it could be solved easily, now seems to be less easy to gnaw down.
It seems that it is not so easy to get that new product, or even the industry that once belonged to the Linglong Group, but there is nothing that his Bao family is interested in.
“Toast and not eat fine wine. Conventional methods. If you have to resist, then don’t blame me for breaking the methods!
Baumol squinted his eyes.
He walked back to his seat, picked up the phone, and immediately dialed a number.
at the same time.
Lin Group, Northern Branch.
No one thinks that this is a big victory, but a lawsuit, they should have won.
Everyone, still staying focused, continues to prepare for the next step.
“Don’t take it lightly. Slanka is not too ambitious, but also greedy. He has been coveting Lin’s new products for a long time. They have lost this time, but there must be another time. You must be vigilant!”
Li Dong issued an order to raise vigilance in all departments, and even more so to ensure that the development of the Northern Branch is carried out in strict accordance with the plan.
In his office, Jiang Ning leaned on the sofa, looking a little lazy.
On one side, Lin Yuzhen patiently peeled the grapes and put them into Jiang Ning’s mouth one by one. She didn’t look like General Manager Lin at all. At this moment, she was just Jiang Ning’s little wife.
Even if there are outsiders in front of them.
“Mr. Jiang, I hope you can give me a chance.”
Xiang Gao stood there, arched slightly, with a smile on his face, he didn’t dare to be disrespectful.
Even if he is a lot older than Jiang Ning, he still looks like a junior in front of Jiang Ning.
Jiang Ning didn’t speak, and casually stretched out his hand to block the grapes Lin Yuzhen had sent, and then put it into Lin Yuzhen’s mouth.
“This is sweet, you eat.”
Two people, like no one else.
Lin Yu really took a bite, it was really sweet, Jiang Ning has good eyesight!
And Xiang Gao stood there, afraid to speak, Jiang Ning ignored him, he didn’t dare to disturb the two of them.
After a while, Jiang Ning turned his head and looked at Xiang Gao.

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