Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1129

Don’t need money, take the initiative to open up the market, this kind of good thing that is delivered to your door, if you change to someone else, you will not dare to ask for it.
Especially Xiang Gao, this kind of old fox who has been in the market for a long time, makes people have to guard.
Not to mention, he just betrayed Slanka.
But Jiang Ning did not hesitate and agreed directly. As long as Xiang Gaoneng opened an opening in the overseas market within the agreed time, Jiang Ning would keep him.
Since there are talents to defect, why not?
Is Jiang Ning still afraid of being betrayed?
Jiang Ning knew how much Xiang Gao was afraid of death.
Xiang Gao didn’t say much. He knew that things only made sense if they were done, and it was useless to say more.
Saying goodbye to Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen, he left immediately.
“Can he be trusted?”
Lin Yuzhen never spoke.
She hasn’t had enough experience in this kind of thing to judge whether a person can be used.
But Jiangning can.
“Can you trust it? It’s not important. The important thing is that someone must open the opening of the overseas market. For now, is there such a person in the Lin family?”
Lin Yu really thought about it and shook his head.
Lin’s development in China is already a miracle.
In less than a year, it occupied the national market with nearly 70% of the market. Not to mention, after the acquisition of Linglong Group, more industries are involved, and Lin is destined to develop into a behemoth!
A behemoth that is stronger and more stable than the old Linglong Group!
“Then you are not worried, will he betray the Lin family?”
Lin Yuzhen asked.
Jiang Ning smiled: “This is the same problem as just now.”
He stretched out his hand and gently shaved Lin Yuzhen’s nose, his face was gentle.
“Lin’s corporate culture is doomed. Few people are willing to betray such a company, you know?”
“Especially like Xiang Gao, who has made almost the same amount of money, what I want to do most now is to pursue my heart and do things that I wanted to do when I was young but did not have the ability to do.
“Lin, can give them a chance to realize their dreams.”
This is like a huge dream factory!
Young employees can find their own way here, find their own direction and dreams.
People who have been in shopping malls for many years and have long been flattened out of corners can also find those passionate ideals here.
Lin Yuzhen looked at Jiang Ning, her eyes full of worship.
She didn’t say anything, a kiss was more meaningful than anything.
“Husband, there is something, I’m hiding it from you.”
Seeing that Jiang Ning was in a good mood, Lin Yu really hesitated for a moment before daring to speak.
She secretly took a look at Jiang Ning. She didn’t know that Jiang Ning suddenly became nervous, and her eyes shifted to her stomach.
Lin Yu couldn’t help but laughed, “Nothing!”
It’s that easy, Su Yun told her that as long as the days are right, it will be easier, but it seems that there is no movement yet.
“I mean, someone invited me…”
As she said, she looked at Jiang Ning and pursed her lips, for fear that Jiang Ning would be angry, “Go to Jiang’s house as a guest.”
Jiang family.
Lin Yu was really not a fool for this family with the same surname as Jiang Ning, and he could guess something.
Earlier, someone sent an invitation letter inviting her to be a guest at home, but Lin Yu was really hard to refuse.
But she was even more worried that Jiang Ning would be angry.
How do you know that Jiang Ning has no mood swings, just nodded faintly, “The north is safe now, I will let someone protect you.”

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