Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1130

“Aren’t you going?”
Lin Yuzhen said.
She looked at Jiang Ning, stretched out her hand to arm Jiang Ning’s neck, “Maybe, they want to invite you.”
“Is my name on the invitation letter?”
Jiang Ning said calmly.
Lin Yu really shook his head.
“That’s not enough.”
Jiang Ning smiled, holding Lin Yuzhen’s waist, “Just go by yourself, I have something tonight.”
Lin Yu really didn’t force it anymore, so he said nothing more.
When she went to Jiang’s house, she felt a little nervous, that was the top wealthy family in the north!
“At night, is Jiangning really not going?”
She thought to herself.
at the same time.
Xiang Gao has already rushed back to the company.
Xiang Gao was not unhappy after receiving more than a dozen calls from the secretary in a row. On the contrary, he was in a good mood.
Whistling all the way, he walked into the northern headquarters of Sri Lanka, with windy footsteps, and even the security guard and the front desk were stunned. These days, he has never seen Xiang Gao look so relaxed.
Since Baumol came, the entire Sri Lanka branch has been like a big enemy, and everyone is terrified!
“Mr. Xiang, Mr. Bowmore is anxious to see you.”
The secretary lowered his voice and said cautiously.
“Ok, I know.”
Xiang Gaoyi’s change from the past was only contended, and he looked terrified and held his chest up. The secretary was a little surprised, “By the way, you have been in the company for a few years, and you have doubled your salary. Now go to the personnel department to change it, just say I said. of.”
“Ah? This…Thank Mr. Xiang!”
The secretary was very excited.
Xiang Gao squinted his eyes. Before he left, he had to leave something.
He clapped his hands: “Everyone, take a break.”
The employees in the entire office area stopped their work and turned their heads to look over.
“Over the years, everyone has worked so hard. After struggling for so long for Slanka, I decided to raise everyone’s wages, everybody’s 50% increase!”
“Head of the personnel department, have you heard clearly?”
From a distance, the head of the personnel department was stunned. He didn’t know what to say. Before he could respond, Xiang Gao had walked into the office.
Baumol, sitting there, his face was pale, it was hard to see the extreme!
“Xiang Gao, where have you been?”
Seeing Xianggao coming in, Baumore said with a sullen face, “You know, don’t you know, I have been looking for you for a long time?”
“Mr. Baumol, I am the general agent in the Dadonghua area of ​​Sri Lanka. I have many things to be responsible for. It is impossible to make tea in the company all the time.”
Xiang Gao’s face was calm, without a trace of weakness, which made Baumol even more unhappy.
“You seem to forget, how did you sit in this position?”
Baumol slapped the table and said angrily, “It is my Bao family who gave you this opportunity!”
“If you don’t have my Bao family, what are you? You are just a dog from my Bao family!”
Xiang Gao smiled without saying anything.
He knew very well that in the eyes of the Bao family, they were all dogs, and they had no tools.
“I thank Patriarch Bao for giving me the opportunity back then.”
Xiang Gao is still calm and unhurried, “These years, I have worked hard, and it can be said that I have paid off the kindness of the Bao family. Since Mr. Baumore feels this decision is wrong, I implore Mr. Baumore to take it back.”
“What do you mean?”
Xiang Gao walked to his desk, bent over, took out a blank piece of paper, picked up a brush and brushed it, and immediately started writing a resignation letter.
He felt that his thoughts had never been so smooth!
“Nothing else,”
Xiang Gao wrote as he said, “Just one sentence, I won’t wait for you!”

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