Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1133

Isn’t it just going to have dinner, as it is so grand?
In Jiang Ning’s eyes, changing his clothes is already very grand.
Lin Yuzhen turned his head, looked at Jiang Ning, and laughed, “Is it grand?”
Jiang Ning didn’t speak, but just looked at Lin Yuzhen.
Whether it’s grand or grand, Lin Yu really has the final say, but he doesn’t like seeing Lin Yu really like this.
Going to a Jiang’s house for dinner will not be enough.
Why do you want to wear so good-looking.
“Of course you have to be polite to be a guest.”
Lin Yu really smiled, walked to Jiang Ning, bent down, revealing a touch of white neck, “If you don’t want me to go, then I won’t go.”
“I did not say.”
Jiang Ning turned over, and that appearance made Lin Yu really feel a little funny.
This guy seems a little arrogant.
Seeing that Jiang Ning deliberately didn’t talk about this topic, she was leaning on there to play with her mobile phone, and didn’t say much. She walked to the dressing table and picked a chain to match, so she cleaned herself.
“Then I will let Brother Dog take me there?”
Jiang Ning remained the same, without turning his head back, as if he didn’t care at all.
It wasn’t until Lin Yu really made the sound of high heels and left the room that Jiang Ning put down the phone that had been locked for a long time, and looked at the door of the room in a daze.
He just stared at it for a long time without saying a word, then lay down again, picked up the phone to play, but his attention was not on the phone at all.
Lin Yuzhen walked to the door, where Brother Gou was waiting.
She was about to get into the car when a black car drove up and stopped at the door.
Lin Yuzhen looked up, and it was Jiang Hai who got off the bus.
“Miss Lin.”
Jiang Hai ran over quickly and laughed, “Madam asked me to pick you up.”
He nodded with Brother Gou: “Brother, let me come.”
Brother Gou said nothing. Jiang Ning asked him to protect Lin Yuzhen. Without permission, he would not let anyone approach Lin Yuzhen.
“Take his car.”
Of course Lin Yu knew that Jiang Ning was not worried about himself, even if he was going to Jiang’s house.
Brother Gou nodded and helped Lin Yuzhen to open the door. Jiang Hai immediately took the driving seat. He was still expecting that Jiang Ning would go to Jiang’s house with Lin Yuzhen in the evening.
But obviously, Jiang Ning still doesn’t want to go to Jiang’s house now.
The master is afraid that he will be disappointed again.
Outside the hotel, there was a figure far away, staring at Jiang Hai’s car and leaving.
“Lin Yu really left, with only one bodyguard with him.”
The man said softly to the phone, “Yes, Jiang Ning stayed in the hotel. The two are separated. Do you want to do it?”
After receiving the instructions from the opposite side, the person’s eyes suddenly became cold, he made a gesture, and a few figures behind him disappeared in a flash.
Jiang Hai cautiously drove all the way to Jiang’s house.
“Miss Lin, please here.”
Jiang Hai led the way, “Last time, thanks to Miss Lin.”
Last time in Shenghai, if Lin Yu hadn’t really helped, Jiang Hai felt that Jiang Ning would break his neck directly!
“He won’t hurt you.”
Lin Yu really knew what Jiang Hai meant, smiled, and said softly, “He is more kind than me.”
After speaking, she walked towards the Jiang’s living room.
Xue Ning and Jiang Daoran were already waiting there.
“She promised to come?”
Jiang Daoran seemed a little nervous.
Knowing that Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen had come to the north again, Xue Ning sent someone an invitation letter inviting Lin Yuzhen to come home for dinner.
Although Lin Yu’s name was written on the invitation letter, Jiang Daoran still hopes that Jiang Ning will come together.
He wanted to write Jiang Ning’s name, but he turned his head and thought, this Jiang family is Jiang Ning’s home. Do you still need an invitation letter if you call him back?

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