Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1135

Jiang Hai looked at Brother Dog seriously, marveling at Jiang Ning’s such influence, and at the same time didn’t feel surprised at all.
He is Jiang Ning and the God of War of the East. It seems that anything that happens to him is justified.
He knew better that Jiangning had become the faith of these people.
If the faith does not fall, the East China Sea will always be a forbidden place!
What a terrible thing this is.
Even if Jiang Ning is strong alone, even Gou and others are constantly breaking through themselves, doing extraordinary things with an ordinary body.
He was suddenly in awe!
It seems that standing there is not an ordinary person, but a warrior who has been on the battlefield like Jiang Ning!
“Do you smoke?”
Jiang Hai dug into his pocket.
He doesn’t smoke, but he always puts a bag on him in case of emergency.
“Don’t smoke.”
Brother Gou glanced, his Adam’s apple slipped.
He is still addicted to cigarettes, but he needs to protect Lin Yuzhen later. If he smells of smoke, Lin Yu would really dislike it.
The two people chatted with each other. In the living room, Lin Yuzhen and Jiang Daoran and Xue Ning also talked and laughed.
And Jiang Ning at the moment.
Still in the hotel.
At this moment, he stepped on two people under his feet, and the ashes in his hands had just fallen.
Lin Yu really went out. Jiang Ning felt a little irritable. After lighting a cigarette, he didn’t smoke a few puffs. There were two people who were not afraid of death, and they wanted to kill himself!
Jiang Ning was sitting on the sofa, stepping on one foot, and flicking the cigarette butt on his finger, and the ashes fell on one of them’s face.
The hot soot, the hot person yelled, struggling hard, but he couldn’t get rid of it at all.
“Don’t call it!”
Jiang Ning scolded.
He was a little worried, Lin Yu really went to Jiang’s house alone, which made him a little unhappy.
What can Jiang’s do?
He was even more unhappy. The invitation letter didn’t even have his own name. What did the old man mean?
“Who asked you to come?”
Jiang Ning took a sharp sip and said viciously.
“You… let us go! Otherwise, you will not end well!”
Jiang Ning pushed hard at his feet and suddenly heard the sound of a broken breastbone.
There was another scream.
“I said, don’t call it!”
Jiang Ning tried harder again, and another sternum broke, but the man didn’t dare to make another sound, his face flushed, and his mouth tightly closed.
Two people, like two chickens to be slaughtered, have no resistance.
“Yes… it’s Mr. Bowmore!”
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes, and it really was the bug.
All kinds of cats and dogs come to make trouble for themselves, so if you dare not trample him to death!
Jiang Ning didn’t even know how his current mood was a little irritable.
He exerted a little force under his feet, and the two of them couldn’t help but yelled.
“Is he still looking for someone to deal with my wife?”
Jiang Ning’s face turned cold.
“Yes Yes!”
The two people yelled. If they had known that Jiang Ning was so terrible, they wouldn’t dare to come even if they gave them another million.
They can be regarded as ruthless. They have been on the road for a long time, and their hands have been stained with a lot of blood.
They didn’t take this kind of work less, and they never missed it. How could they think that today, they will meet Jiang Ning, who is still such a violent guy, before he can react, he has already been stepped on by Jiang Ning!
“act recklessly!”
Jiang Ning was furious.
Dare to really start with Lin Yu?
You really have a good temper and dare not kill him!
Jiang Ning’s feet slammed hard, and the two of them fainted before they even screamed.
He got up, didn’t even look at it, and left straight away.
Really hurt Lin Yu?
Damn it, don’t want to live anymore!

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