Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1137

What does it mean to be scolded by Jiang Ning?
Even if he breaks his leg, Jiang Hai dare not say a word.
He stood upright and looked at the few people on the ground. He didn’t expect that there would still be someone who would dare to touch the door of Jiang’s house.
The two old men of the Jiang family certainly wouldn’t care about this kind of shrimp, this is Jiang Hai’s dereliction of duty.
Jiang Ning ignored him and walked straight to the living room.
Lin Yuzhen stood up, his eyes widened, his face was astonished, with a hint of surprise.
Jiang Daoran stood up, his breathing suddenly became short, his complexion flushed, and he was at a loss for a while, let alone what to say.
Xue Ning stood up, opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but hesitated, not knowing whether to say it or not.
Without looking at the three of them, Jiang Ning walked directly to the table, pulled a chair, and sat down.
Jiang Daoran’s breathing is even more rapid!
Xue Ning glanced at Jiang Daoran, and then became nervous. It seemed that it was not Jiang Ning who had come, but a big person in this world who could not help but feel surging.
Lin Yu really reacted and said softly, “Why are you here?”
Jiang Ning looked up and glanced at her: “Why am I here?”
He pointed to the people who were taken out by Jiang Hai and Gou: “I knew that Agou is unreliable!”
Brother Dog, who was carrying a person, shook his body, pursed his lips, and his face suddenly felt aggrieved. He didn’t know that it was Jiang Ning who wanted to come, so he had to count the excuse on him.
Not to mention the Jiang family, there are also two master-level masters. Just because he and Jiang Hai are here, these stinky sweet potato and rotten bird eggs can hurt Lin Yuzhen?
Forget it, you are the eldest brother, you are what you say.
It was not the first time that he had done it. Last time Lin Yu really smelled smoke, it seemed that Jiang Ning had also harmed him, hey.
It’s hard to be a kid.
The person carried by the dog brother opened his eyes slightly and snorted in pain.
Brother Gou immediately punched his breastbone and smashed him to the ground to faint to death!
“Did I make you speak up?”
Jiang Hai looked at Brother Gou, he just suffocated a smile, thinking in his heart, it seemed that he was following Jiang Ning, not so enviable.
At the dinner table, the atmosphere is a bit subtle.
Jiang Daoran looked at Jiang Ning with his mouth open, but he didn’t even know how to say hello. He obviously had a stomach, but he couldn’t say a word.
Xue Ning felt that he had replaced Jiang Ning’s mother and it was a bit inconvenient to speak.
Even if the Jiang family was attacked last time, Jiang Ning rescued the two of them, and finally let Jiang Daoran treat herself well and moved her.
“Well, yeah, Brother Dog is unreliable.”
Lin Yu really listened and nodded again and again. The dog brother who had already walked to the door shook again. He lowered his head and glanced at the person who had passed out in his hand. No matter the three or seventy-one, he slammed it again.
“So, I really want you to come with me.”
Lin Yu really laughed, her eyes narrowed like a crescent moon.
She stood up, pushed her bowl and chopsticks to Jiang Ning, lowered her voice, a little embarrassed, “husband, you use my bowl and chopsticks?”
Jiang Ning stared at her for five seconds.
“At any rate, this Jiang family’s top wealthy family doesn’t even have an extra pair of tableware?”
He couldn’t help saying.
Hearing this, Xue Ning was immediately pleasantly surprised, and repeatedly said: “Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll take it!”

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