Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 114

Zhou Hua couldn’t help frowning.
He has been in business for so many years, and he has always asked for conditions. As for Lin Qiang, what conditions have to be mentioned? Didn’t he make it clear last time?
I am helping him.
“Boy, you father and son, don’t seem to figure out the situation.”
Zhou Hua sprayed smoke into Lin Feng’s face, and Lin Feng suddenly choked and coughed.
“Your Lin family has been hit one after another. Now that cash flow is a problem, it is hard to say whether the industry can continue. I am willing to take over and acquire your Lin Group. This is already for the sake of friends for many years.”
He sneered, “Now, do you want to make terms with me?”
Zhou Hua is equally aware of the situation in Donghai City.
I don’t know how many people want to invest and get a share of the pie, but he is smarter and directly acquires the Lin Group. As a result, there are obviously more opportunities near the water.
Especially Lin Qiang and his son are almost unable to hold it now. The price of his acquisition is almost a robbery!
“Brother Hua, you misunderstood.”
Lin Feng coughed a few times, flushed, and avoided Zhou Hua’s cigarette. “My dad has only one request and ruined my third uncle Lin Wen’s family!”
“Brother Hua may not know that I was separated from the Lin family, and my third uncle took away a part of the property. By all accounts, this part is also my Lin’s property. Since Hua Ge wants to acquire the Lin family, you don’t want these things? ”
These words were all explained by Lin Qiang.
He knew very well that with Zhou Hua’s greed, he would never give up.
Sure enough, Zhou Hua narrowed his eyes when he heard this.
“Your third uncle? Is that the garbage with crippled legs in a car accident?”
He disdainfully said, “Can he divide the property?”
“After all, it’s from my Lin family, the old man still can’t bear it a little bit.”
Lin Feng lied.
“How many are there in total?”
Zhou Hua is concerned about this.
Lin Wen is a mere mere word, he doesn’t care at all, but if he doesn’t have much money, he doesn’t bother to toss.
“The total value is more than 500 million.”
Lin Fengdao, “Moreover, the several investment projects currently under discussion have a total value of more than 2 billion.”
Hearing the numbers, Zhou Hua was shocked, and immediately burst into laughter.
Isn’t this the fucking project to talk about for him?
As long as he takes it back together, it’s all his.
At that time, he could easily gain a foothold in Donghai City, and slashed from that piece of fat!
“Well, well, I promised this condition!”
In fact, this was nothing at all. Zhou Hua was very smart. He could see that it was something Lin Qiang couldn’t get, and he didn’t want Lin Wen to get it, so he gave it to himself.
As for how to get it back, Zhou Hua has a hundred ways.
Zhou Hua directly responded, turned his head and glanced, sitting on the sofa, a charming woman, “Go get the contract.”
The coquettish woman stood up with a pair of jade legs. Lin Feng’s breathing was a little short when she saw it, and she turned her head quickly and did not dare to look.
Zhou Hua laughed even more. To this kind of yellow-haired boy, a little temptation is enough to make him lose his sense.
“My cousin, the legs are so beautiful too.”
Lin Feng said softly.
Zhou Hua heard clearly all at once.
Soon, the contract was brought, Lin Feng read it carefully, and couldn’t help scolding his mother in his heart. This was simply a robbery!
But he still signed it, affixed with the official seal and Lin Xiao’s private seal.
“From today onwards, Lin’s is mine, and everything about Lin’s is mine.”
Zhou Hua laughed, “Go back and tell your dad that he is very visionary. If he takes the money, he will retire and enjoy his life. It will be enough for you father and son, and you will have nothing to worry about.”
Lin Qiang only sold 80 million for an industry worth several hundred million!
This is blood loss!
But at this point, Lin Qiang had no other choice but to stay in the East China Sea. Then he definitely had no way to go, and he would even be killed by Jiang Ning and his family.
It’s better to take the money and find Jiang Ning and the others a powerful enemy that they can’t deal with at all!
Anyway, Lin Wen can’t even think of what he can’t get!
Donghai, don’t even want to stay with a Lin!

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