Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1147

In the office, it was suddenly quiet.
There was just a slight, drooling sound, almost everyone looked at Jiang Ning, as if they couldn’t believe it.
Including Xianggao.
20 million?
Give these new employees as settlement expenses?
This is not just a question of trust or distrust, is this not treating money as money, right?
“Mr. Jiang…”
“Oh, not for you.”
When Jiang Ning saw Xiang Gao open his mouth, he added, “If you said that you don’t need a salary, then you won’t be able to get a penny this year.”
“As for what you can get,”
He looked at Xiang Gao, his eyes were so excited that Xiang Gao said, “Do it yourself.”
With just a few simple words, Xianggao almost jumped up and fight for himself?
Then it depends on your own ability!
Xiang Gao immediately shouted, “As the pioneer of Lin’s overseas market, I will definitely not disappoint Mr. Jiang.”
He smiled, stretched out his hand to take the card, and handed it directly to the people behind him. Watching a few people’s Adam’s apple slip, he was so excited that he shook his head.
“Having never seen the world, Mr. Jiang laughed.”
Five people, each of them is divided into four million, so excited?
Of course, Xiang Gao knew that for these employees, this was a huge sum of money, and more importantly, Jiang Ning’s move was too cool.
He didn’t even blink his eyelids!
“Half a month, I want to see the effect.”
Jiang Ning said, “This first step is to drive Slanka out!”
“You can use all means, use your best method, if there is any problem that is not easy to solve, directly contact me.”
To the high class, shouted in unison.
It is nearly fifty years old, but Xiang Gao still feels that there is blood in his body, boiling like the sea!
It seems to be back to the young age all at once.
The first opponent Jiang Ning gave them was Silanka, where he worked for more than ten years. For him and the employees, once they didn’t feel it, it was difficult to accept.
On the contrary, in just a few days, what Baumol did, made their good impression of Slanka disappear without a trace!
Jiang Ning was completely delegating power, and even gave Xiang Gao a black card to facilitate him to do things.
It made Xiang Gao clear that Jiang Ning’s was unusual.
He even felt that Jiang Ning let Lin Yu really develop the Lin family was just for fun. He could take out a black card at random, and could use 20 million as pocket money. Could it be an ordinary person?
With someone as strong as Jiang Ning behind, Xiang Gao felt for the first time that he could be so confident in doing things!
He did it!
On the first day, he strongly attacked the market in the Dadonghua area of ​​Sri Lanka without any mercy.
He knew very well about the layout and strategy of Sri Lanka, almost point-to-point, line-to-line, face-to-face, and defeated Sri Lanka in one fell swoop!
Suddenly, there was a huge wave in the north!
The next day, Slanka suffered a huge disturbance in Shenghai’s market and suffered heavy losses!
On the third day…
Lin Yuzhen was speechless.
She knows that shopping malls are like battlefields, and even sometimes, shopping malls are more cruel than battlefields, because there is no gunpowder, no blood, but it is bloodthirsty!
“so amazing!”
After watching the news for a long time, Lin Yuzhen spoke and couldn’t help saying.
Within three days, the layout of the Dadonghua area in Sri Lanka was almost defeated across the board.

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