Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1149

Kneeling down suddenly, the floor made a thud.
The complexions of a few people suddenly turned pale.
The price paid by the Bao family to obtain the agency rights of Slanka is not small. Although they have made a lot of money over the years, they have already recovered the cost, but no one would think it was too much.
No one would think that it is a bad thing to have a steady stream of gold mines that can bring them huge profits.
But now, this gold mine is gone!
Bao Rongdong glanced at a few people, his tone was still calm, “Did I say I want to kill you.”
He didn’t say it, but the more he didn’t say it, the more fearful a few people became!
Bao Rongdong in front of him, but in his early fifties, with jet-black hair, looks no different from a middle-aged man in his forties.
It seems difficult for years to leave too many marks on his face.
Especially his eyes are as deep as galaxies, and when people look at it, they will fall into it unconsciously, even the soul is out of control!
“Patriarch, it was Xiang Gao who betrayed the Bao family, suddenly turned aside, and defected to the Lin family, so that we will be defeated steadily!”
One of them quickly explained, “Then Xianggao understands our layout and knows how to deal with us. He has no bottom line, just like a mad dog, he doesn’t look at the past affection at all!”
Bao Rongdong snorted.
See the love of the past?
What kind of affection do they have? Xiang Gaoben is a dog of his Bao family, helping him with Bao family, a tool for making money in China.
He knows the Bao family, and Xiang Gao knows it better.
Therefore, if Xiang Gao did this, it was not a betrayal. It could only be said that the Bao family was pressing too hard.
“I don’t want to hear the reason.”
Host Bao Rong said, “I just want to know, can this industry be brought back?”
An industry worth tens of billions will be gone, even if it is the Bao family, it is impossible to accept it.
Not to mention, this is a facial problem.
“Conventional methods…difficult.”
There was a long silence before someone spoke.
If you have to use conventional means, you can’t get it back. Slanka’s domestic market has been completely plundered by Xiang Gao.
He used all the methods that had been rampant in the country to deal with Slanka, deal with the Bao family, let the Bao family, who were originally people who grew up to follow, are not difficult to resist.
“Is it.”
Bao Rongdong squinted his eyes, “Since conventional methods are not enough, use unconventional methods. Doesn’t Xiang Gao know how to plunder? Then I will tell him, in fact, he still doesn’t understand.”
Hearing this, several people trembled, and they clearly felt a burst of cold murderous intent, from head to foot in an instant!
As soon as the voice fell, there was suddenly another person behind Bao Rongdong.
No one knew what he appeared. The few people kneeling on the ground suddenly breathed a little bit, but they had to force themselves to hold their breath and dare not make a sound.
“Kill Xianggao, this old dog, disobedient.”
The first sentence made the few people kneeling there tremble.
“Taking back the market in Sri Lanka, this industry can’t be lost. Lin was so provocative and let them disappear.”
The second sentence is even more murderous!
“It’s ridiculous, go back to the north and take a look. If you don’t go back for too long, no one will remember you anymore.”
Bao Rongdong said lightly.
The few people who were kneeling there were already trembling, and they would never have thought that Bao Rongdong would directly let this one go back.
With the power of the Bao family overseas, masters gathered, and even in the Bao family, you can find a few masters at random to deal with the Lin family, but Bao Rongdong sent this person.
Chen ridiculous!
A lifetime is ridiculous!
He said that in his entire life, he had never made any correct decisions, except for absurdity, it was absurd, but everyone knew that the only decision he made was murder!

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