Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1161

He didn’t know how strong Jiang Ning was.
He was already strong enough to make him famous overseas, but he was still beaten down many times by Jiang Ning.
If Jiang Ning wanted to kill him, it would be easy!
Even though, he now has the strength of the Grand Master level.
But without Jiang Ning’s advice, he would not have been able to improve so much in the past few years.
Kill Jiangning?
Chen Lantang is not confused yet.
Several members of the Bao family opened their eyes wide and covered their throats one after another. They couldn’t believe how Chen Lantang would kill them!
He… Isn’t he to the Bao family, to the loyal people?
Chen Lantang didn’t even look at these people again. He retracted the dagger, and his figure disappeared.
From now on, there is no longer Chen ridiculous in this world. He took this opportunity to get Jin Chan to escape and completely hide his whereabouts.
If the Bao family is not completely eradicated, he will not be a man!
Waking up overnight, the expected shocking news did not appear.
The Jiang family did not move, and the Lin family did not move.
It seems that Chen Lantang has not come back at all, nor has he gone to trouble Lin’s.
The whole person disappeared directly.
It was like a stone, suddenly thrown into the sea, without even a single wave.
But soon, news came!
The domestic industry of the Bao family, one after another, was completely destroyed!
Slanka, which they control, has completely withdrawn from the domestic market, followed by the mining industry in the Northwest, the grain industry in the Northeast, and the tourism industry in the South Island.
Adding up, the industry worth nearly 100 billion yuan, was chased by Lin, and it was defeated all the way, only to announce its withdrawal from the domestic market!
This is a huge earthquake!
No one thought that the Bao family came to find Lin’s trouble, but Lin was beaten up and couldn’t lift the head!
Three days later!
Lin’s Northern Branch.
“The Bao family’s property has all withdrawn, and they can’t keep it.”
Xiang Gaodao, “All the industries I know are destroyed!”
Jiang Ning gave him the order to kill all the Bao family’s properties within a week, but Xiang Gao did it in three days.
“Your resentment towards the Bao family is not light.”
Jiang Ning said, “Three days, precise strikes, the Bao family has no power to fight back.”
Xiang Gao is the person who knows the Bao family’s layout in China best, and he will deal with the Bao family and get twice the result with half the effort!
“People who understand the history of the Bao family will not be truly loyal to them, let alone sacrifice their lives for them. I just did what I wanted to do.”
“They are good at plundering, whether at home or overseas. Over the years, because of the Bao family, their families have been ruined and their wives have scattered. There are too many people.”
“They steal domestic resources, especially the wild mines in the Northwest. I think Mr. Jiang knows about it. This kind of thing is irritating!”
“I didn’t have a choice before, but now, I want to be a good person!”
Xiang Gao firmly said.
Jiang Ning nodded.
“Okay, tell the Bao family, in this life, don’t even think about entering the country again!”
Jiang Ning’s tone suddenly became cold, “Otherwise, come one, I will kill one!”
The news spread quickly, Jiangning’s strength, the people of the northern family with large surnames, have long been used to it.
But they did not expect that Jiang Ning would dare to be so strong for the overseas Bao family!
Could it be that Lin didn’t want to enter the overseas market anymore?
Isn’t Jiang Ning worried that when they enter the overseas market, the Bao family will retaliate wildly against them!

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