Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1166

“Only our own people, including the crew.”
This is Bao Rongdong’s order.
He is very cautious, not daring to be careless.
After so many years of development overseas, the opponents and enemies of the Bao family are not only in China, but they have to go back to China. On the one hand, it is for future choices. On the other hand, the Bao family now has enough strength to stand in China Stay firm, and even challenge a few top wealthy families!
He can use the original identity and contacts of the Bao family to plunder domestic resources as much as possible!
On the overseas side, the Bao family has already established a firm foothold in the casino. With the help of domestic resources, it is okay to go to the next level.
“Patriarch, the first group, one hundred and six people, all of whom are the reserve forces of the Qingmen, have already boarded the plane and are about to leave.”
Subordinates report the situation in real time.
“Okay, pay attention to everything.”
Bao Rongdong repeatedly confessed and told him to pay attention. He always felt a bad feeling, but he couldn’t tell what it was.
Standing on the landing terrace of the airport, Bao Rongdong frowned suddenly as he watched the plane slowly start.
“It’s not right, it feels wrong, it’s very wrong!”
Suddenly, his face changed, watching the plane slowly raising his head and about to take off, he only felt his heart plop, jumping very fast!
He suddenly stretched out his hand and held the floor-to-ceiling window with his blood flowing rapidly!
The plane raised its head and lifted off, but before it completely separated from the ground, it suddenly trembles with a violent tremor, and makes a sharp turn.
Like an earthquake, it caused a violent explosion, and the flames soared to the sky, stimulating Bao Rongdong’s eyeballs, making him want to split his eyes!
Sure enough, something happened!
“Save people!”
He gritted his teeth and ordered immediately.
On this plane, they are all young generations of Qingmen, and there are even several people who are directly from his Bao family!
He originally planned to let them return to the country for some experience, but where did he think of…
The huge fire light reflected Bao Rongdong’s face red. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, his face became extremely hideous. He could not hear those screams, nor could he hear the cry of rescue.
Blocked by the French windows, the quiet and hideous picture made the murderous look on Bao Rongdong’s face more intense!
“Don’t let me go back…”
Bao Rongdong squeezed his fist, his joints creaked.
He didn’t expect that such a thing would happen, who it was, it was really cruel!
At that time.
In a high-end hotel, all the presidential suites on the top floor were booked by one person.
As the little princess of the Slanka family, Amel has extremely high requirements for the quality of life. Even if it is a business trip, she will never allow it. There is anyone who affects her mood.
At the moment, Amel, sitting on the sofa, has her long legs under her short skirt draped up and down, revealing beautiful lines.
She is beautiful, with blond hair, blue eyes and fiery red lips. She is a rare Western stunner. She has a proud body and is comparable to a supermodel. Just sitting there can be regarded as a beautiful landscape.
She sat on the sofa, shook the red wine glass in her hand, and her long eyelashes moved slightly, and there was an unexpected smile at the corner of her mouth.
“Is the plane crashed?”
She said indifferently, “Patriarch Bao, is he an idiot, so ostentatious, really when his opponents are people with a bottom line?”
Amelie looked at the men in front of her, and curiously asked, “You said, the person who did it was the enemy of the Bao family overseas, and the enemy still in China?”

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