Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1171

A Fei heard a hint of excitement in Jiang Ning’s tone.
He couldn’t help it.
“Brother, when should you take me to play, I feel uncomfortable.”
In China, he has his own identity, and he replaces Jiang Ning to exercise the supreme power, but ALFY doesn’t like this.
He prefers to follow Jiang Ning and fight on the battlefield!
That kind of hearty feeling is really cool!
Jiang Ning glanced at it, and the smoke had already burned to its tail. “When you get overseas, you can release it.”
“I’m kind of, can’t wait.”
A Fei was a little excited, Jiang Ning could hear him swallowing.
When they were overseas, they really gained a reputation!
Jiang Ning achieved the name of the Eastern God of War, and A Fei beside him was equally famous.
“Those old friends, I’m afraid I can’t wait.”
Jiang Ning pinched out the cigarette butt, hung up the phone, and exuded an extremely powerful aura!
He turned upstairs, ready to brush his teeth six times before Lin Yuzhen came back.
Jiang Ning knew that in this round, more and more people entered the round.
In addition to him and the Lord, there are now more overseas forces coming in, including the Bao family and the Slanka family, and there is no doubt that the Slanka family has more ambitions.
Now, someone has to get out first.
Jiang Ning went upstairs, and as soon as he got out of the elevator, he saw Li Dong walk out of the office quickly, his face a little helpless.
“Brother Ning.”
Li Dong said, “I can’t talk about it.”
Jiang Ning frowned: “I can’t talk about anything.”
“Ms. Emmel, from beginning to end, she didn’t ask a single question. Regarding business matters, she opened her mouth and shut her mouth. It was you who asked, how can we talk about it?”
Li Dong suppressed his business, afraid of being heard by others, “Even on your birthday, what do you like to eat, what color clothes you wear, and ask everything, how can I answer?”
This woman clearly fell in love with Jiangning.
Where can he dare to say, provide Jiang Ning’s information and help the women outside to hook up Jiang Ning?
Lin Yu really doesn’t clean up him, and Brother Gou and others can kill him alive!
“Just answer it truthfully.”
Jiang Ning waved his hand, “The rain is coming back soon. I’m going to brush my teeth.”
“Brother Ning smokes?”
As soon as Li Dong finished speaking, he saw Jiang Ning’s murderous eyes and hurriedly covered his mouth: “I did it! I did it!”
After Jiang Ning finished speaking, he patted Li Dong on the shoulder and left straight away, “Silanka wants to talk, so let her show sincerity, otherwise, stop talking.”
Li Dong thought for a while, and immediately returned to the office.
Amel is still sitting there, with a coffee cup in her hand, very elegant.
“Miss Amel, I just thought about it. Regarding Mr. Jiang, you can know anything you want, but the premise is that we first negotiate the job.”
Li Dong sat down, smiled and said, “Mr. Jiang puts his work first, he can sacrifice everything for the sake of business.”
“Including himself?”
Amel blinked big eyes.
“This, it depends on Slanka’s sincerity.”
Aimee put down the coffee cup and looked at Li Dong seriously. The expression on his face was also more serious than ever.
“Mr. Li, regarding the business of the two companies, I can promise that Lin can be a partner of Slanka, replacing the Bao family, and controlling the market of Slanka in China. We have the brand of Slanka. I think it is enough. Be sincere.”
Li Dong laughed when he heard it.
He leaned back, leaning on the boss chair, squinting, with an old fox posture.

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