Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1176

In the past, it was not that no one wanted to buy it, and they were afraid of the green gate overseas. Everyone knew that once the people from the green gate returned, no one could keep this manor.
Jiangning is good, buy it as a farm?
Is he going to start a full-scale war with Qingmen!
“Yes, raise some chickens, ducks, ducks, geese and geese. My mother likes it. Make a garden on the east side and plant some flowers and plants. When the weather is better, I will take her over for vacation.”
Jiang Ning seemed to be saying something irrelevant, and after speaking, he got in the car.
Gao Yali was still there, and didn’t recover for a long time.
In her impression, Jiang Ning has always done things without leaking, and will not easily take risks, let alone make decisions, but this time… she feels that Jiang Ning is a little rash.
Aomen…Although it’s overseas, it’s still not easy to mess with!
Lin, but he has to go overseas to develop, so Jiang Ning can’t wait to make enemies for himself?
She took a deep breath and wanted to persuade Jiang Ning to say something, even if she was scolded by Jiang Ning, before getting in the car, Amel was already blocking her.
“Hello, can this position be temporarily given to me, Mr. Jiang and I have some details to discuss about this business.”
She smiled, nodded politely, and opened the car door and sat in.
Gao Yali felt that the world must be crazy.
But this Jiang Ning’s decision must be obeyed. Even if Jiang Ning decides to be an enemy of the world, she will stand firmly behind Jiang Ning.
“Crazy, either Mr. Jiang is crazy, or the world is crazy.”
Gao Bin shook his head numbly to make himself awake, get into the driving position, and concentrate on driving.
Gao Yali is quick to do business. With her current position in Shenghai, it is not difficult at all to buy this manor. What’s more, it is Jiangning’s money that she will not be polite.
The news that the former site of Qingmen was bought by the Lin family and was about to be transformed into a breeding farm almost spread out in the shortest time.
In particular, Lin has hired several aquaculture experts to conduct field surveys and research, which makes people have no doubts about the accuracy of this news.
Especially overseas, the people who were always paying attention to the former site of Qingmen were all stunned.
Bao Rongdong, who had just arrived at the overseas Qingmen headquarters, heard the news, and he was astonished. How could he not believe that Jiang Ning would be so crazy!
“He is looking for death!”
Bao Rongdong’s face instantly became extremely hideous, like a ghost!
The two deputy masters of the Qingmen and the twelve hall masters were all furious. They didn’t need Bao Rongdong to speak. They all gathered at the headquarters of the overseas Qingmen.
The tea cup in front of Bao Rongdong was torn apart by him. Those eyes could almost swallow people alive!
“Go home! You must go back! Find a way to go back!”
He was furious, “If you don’t kill Jiangning, where is the majesty of my Qingmen? If you don’t destroy Lin, where is the face of my Qingmen!”
He is like a mad lion, no matter how calm and calm he was before.
Even if his own son was scared into an idiot, Bao Rongdong had never been so angry.
At this moment, his face was flushed, and his anger was soaring to the sky, as if he was slapped a few times, his face flushed!
Not only him, but the entire Qingmen was plunged into a kind of extreme madness. Their beliefs, the old Qingmen site that they have been obsessed with, the most symbolic place, was actually used as a breeding farm. !
What Jiang Ning meant was that they were all beasts in their youth?

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