Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 121

“No way.”
This is not negotiable.
Lin Yu really lost his temper.
She stretched the ending, “I’m afraid I will really like you.”
“That’s even better.”
Jiang Ning was evasive at all, “I just want you to like me, it’s best to love me to death.”
Lin Yu really blushed and stopped talking.
After a long time, she spoke again.
“You said you want to buy back the old Lin family, this matter…”
“This matter must be resolved by you.”
Lin Yu couldn’t help it anymore, stretched out his hand and twisted it hard on Jiang Ning’s waist.
How can she solve it?
In the face of those rascals, it is obviously impossible for a kind person like her to use a reasonable way.
“Then my wife gives an order, I will solve it?”
Jiang Ning smiled.
With a serious look on his face, Lin Yuzhen suddenly felt a feeling in his heart.
I was eaten up.
Couldn’t she see that Lin Wenduo was reluctant to bear Lin’s property and was taken away by outsiders, even if they had been separated from Lin Xiao.
But Lin Wen’s family are all kind-hearted people, and there are things that can’t be abandoned.
“Then how do you solve it?”
“Wife, give the order first.”
Jiang Ning said seriously.
“Then, then you solve it.”
“Who will solve it?”
“Jiang Ning.”
“Who is Jiang Ning?”
“Old, husband.”
Jiang Ning was very satisfied with this title.
It seems that my education is becoming more effective.
Sending Lin Yuzhen back to the company, Huang Yuming is ready to go downstairs.
He didn’t bring many people, only a dozen people including Brother Gou, and the rest, responsible for Lin Wen and Lin Yu, were really safe.
“Brother, I have confirmed that Zhou Hua is in Linhai now.”
Huang Yuming said respectfully.
“Okay, go and negotiate with them.”
Jiang Ning got in the car, “By the way, did you buy fruit?”
Huang Yu was shocked.
This is to clean up Zhou Hua and buy fruit.
“He sent the old Lin back to make my dad happy. I should thank him.”
Huang Yuming immediately understood: “I will arrange it now!”
The car started and headed directly towards Linhai City.
At that time, Zhou Hua had received the news, and Thunder was furious!
The goblet on the table was smashed to pieces by him, and the red wine flowed all over the floor.
“Huang Yuming! He is so bold!”
Zhou Hua was furious, “Does he really think he is the boss of the Donghai underground circle? I don’t know how high the sky is!”
“Brother Hua, how many people from Jin Mao have planted now?”
“How to do?”
Zhou Hua sneered: “Call someone! Get ready to kill to Donghai City. Since I have given me a reason to do it, then take the opportunity to kill Huang Yuming!”
With a reason to do it, he will not let go of such an opportunity!
As long as Huang Yuming is resolved, the underground circle of the East China Sea is his Zhou Hua who has the final say. This whole piece of fat, Zhou Hua, must swallow at least half of it!
People are greedy.
Before entering Donghai City, I was already thinking about it, swallowing half of the benefits.
Zhou Hua is a very domineering person, at least in Linhai City, he has been living better than anyone else.
As long as he wants to do something, he won’t do things that are uncertain.
All the confidants under his staff went out to shout for preparation.
Zhou Hua was calculating time in his heart.
“It only takes one and a half hours to go to the East China Sea, and three hours back and forth. One hour is enough to solve Huang Yuming’s stuff.”
Zhou Hua sneered, took out his mobile phone, and dialed a number: “Be good and wait for me at home. I’ll look for you in the evening.”
Jinwu Cangjiao, the woman he loves the most.
Zhou Hua, who has always been casual to women, unexpectedly has an infatuated woman, and even to protect her, she still hides her in the depths, without even telling her own confidant, no one knows.
Especially, after this woman gave birth to a son for him, Zhou Hua was more cautious in protecting both mother and son.
People in their circles often have accidents. Zhou Hua is not afraid of himself, but he must protect women and children.
“Hua brother!”
Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and his men ran in quickly, with a strange expression on his face.

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