Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 123

“Are you looking for them?”
Outside the door, a dozen people walked in, each carrying two of his fainted subordinates in his hand, Zhou Hua couldn’t help but his eyelids twitched.
How is this going?
He didn’t have much left in this guild hall, but there were fifty or sixty, and they were all top-notch players. He didn’t even hear any movement, so he planted all of them?
Zhou Hua couldn’t help but his pupils shrank suddenly.
“Can we talk about it now?”
Jiang Ning’s face was still calm.
Zhou Hua sat down, but couldn’t see that he was half nervous. He had already given the order to gather 300 people, and they would gather here in the hall soon. As long as they dragged on for a while, Jiang Ning and the others would not be able to escape!
“Unexpectedly, I didn’t expect that such a powerful character was hidden in Donghai City. No wonder that in a short period of time, the entire Donghai underground circle only has the name Huang Yuming.”
Zhou Hua raised his head slightly,
“I don’t know, what is your last name?”
Just by listening to the surname, Zhou Hua can judge whether it is those in the north. If it is in the north, then the name of the person behind him can be used.
“Jiang Ning.”
Jiang Ning said lightly.
There is a wealthy family surnamed Jiang in the north, but it seems that there is no ruthless man of this age, right?
Zhou Hua knew it all at once, and the confidence in his heart gradually became stronger.
He threw the contract on the table directly on the ground, and coldly shouted: “Since it’s not from the north, then I really have nothing to worry about. I now give you a chance to knelt down and kowtow to apologize. Maybe I can still let it go. You have a way to survive!”
Zhou Hua didn’t come from the north, so Zhou Hua really didn’t care about it.
As far as the one behind him is, he can speak in the north, and ordinary people don’t dare to provoke him at all.
Even if he is just one of his dogs, a dog that helps him make money along the coast, not everyone dares to provoke him.
Even the one in the provincial capital, for so many years, dare to attack himself?
He has to weigh it too!
“Kneel down and knock your head three times, even if your life is saved.”
Zhou Hua said lightly, “As for the other price you have to pay, let’s talk about it slowly.”
The situation changed instantly when he held it, and now he is in control of everything!
Huang Yuming did not speak, nor did Brother Gou.
They didn’t have a long time with Jiang Ning, but they knew that, let alone people from the north, Jiang Ning would have no fear of anyone.
Because Jiang Ning never does things that are uncertain.
“You can call.”
Jiang Ning said directly.
Zhou Hua frowned.
“Use your mobile phone with only one number to call.”
Hearing this, Zhou Hua’s heart jumped!
He only stores a cell phone with one number, which is his own woman’s number. No one knows this at all!
“Who are you!”
Jiang Ning ignored: “Let’s call, I hope it’s still too late.”
Zhou Hua’s heart seemed to be pinched instantly!
He stared at Jiang Ning, but Jiang Ning was very calm. The calm and steady expression on his face made Zhou Hua have to believe.
He took out his cell phone, dialed the number immediately, the phone rang twice, and no one answered!
Zhou Hua’s face changed, and he was about to question Jiang Ning. The phone was connected.
“What’s the matter? Call me again, I’m going to sleep with the child.”
Hearing these words, Zhou Hua breathed a sigh of relief, raised his eyes and glanced at Jiang Ning. He had already made a decision in his heart to smash Jiang Ning’s body into pieces!
“Let her look at the bedroom window sill.”
Jiang Ning continued.
He was still so calm, calmly let Zhou Hua’s ghost messenger listen to him, and said to the phone: “Look at the bedroom window sill.”
“What, look at what the window sill does,”
On the other end of the phone, there was a slight sound of footsteps, and in the woman’s tone, there was a hint of complaint, “What is so beautiful about the windowsill, there is nothing…ah!”
Zhou Hua’s heart is pumping!
“What’s wrong! What’s on the windowsill!”
Zhou Hua hurriedly said.
“Bullet! One…a bullet with blood!”
The woman’s voice was full of fear, and she could clearly feel that she must be trembling at this moment.
Suddenly, I saw a bloody bullet on the window sill of my bedroom. This kind of stimulation can hardly be tolerated by ordinary people.
The woman screamed in horror, asking for help, panicked.

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