Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 125

The night in the city is not much quieter than during the day.
But the street lights at the end of the street make people feel a touch of tranquility.
Lin Group headquarters.
Lin Yu really hadn’t got off work yet, and the documents on the desk were piled high, almost burying her whole body in it.
The company has just gotten on the right track, and Lin Wen is recovering recently. Almost all things, big and small, are on Lin Yuzhen’s body.
“Brother Ning!”
“Brother Ning is here!”
In the office, when Jiang Ning came in, several employees who were left to work overtime all greeted softly.
They all know that Jiang Ning is Lin Yu’s real husband, but no one dares to underestimate him.
Because they saw the former boss Huang Yuming with their own eyes and respectfully called to Jiangning Brother.
Even more, he saw with his own eyes that Jiang Ning slapped Lin Feng and Jin Ran into the air.
Jiang Ning, who is capable of spoiling his wife, will only make a group of men envy and make a group of women jealous.
“Are you working overtime? Are you hungry?”
Jiang Ning smiled and turned to the secretary sitting there, “Call the Jinyu Restaurant and make some snacks for everyone, just say what I said.”
“Yes, Brother Ning!”
The little secretary was very excited.
Jinyu Restaurant!
Of course they knew that it was the property of the former boss, and they also knew Jinyu Restaurant. Now Jiangning has the final say.
Usually they are reluctant to eat such expensive ones. Today, Jiang Ning has a treat, and they have the energy to work overtime.
Jiang Ning nodded and walked straight into Lin Yuzhen’s office.
“Brother Ning is really handsome, he is nice, domineering, and capable of spoiling his wife. I really envy President Lin.”
“Look at the flower in Ning’s hand. If he gives it to me, I’ll give him a baby right away!”
“Don’t dream anymore, Brother Ning has President Lin, where can I still see you? Hurry up and order, what kind of golden taro mash I want to eat…”
In the office.
Lin Yuzhen heard the footsteps and did not look up.
“Xiao Zhao, let the financial statements go aside. I don’t have time to read them now. I’ll give instructions tomorrow.”
She was writing something in her hand, “I have to think about the details of the cooperation of these projects.”
For a while, Lin Yuzhen didn’t hear the reply from the secretary Xiao Zhao, and he subconsciously raised his head.
In the eyes, there is a cluster of bright roses, also exuding a faint fragrance.
This kind of thing, no matter to any woman, will instantly make the heartbeat faster!
“Wife, give it to you.”
Jiang Ning held flowers in both hands, “Do you like it?”
Lin Yu was really shocked and didn’t even react.
She stood up suddenly, her face flushed, thinking that there are still many employees in the office, so Jiang Ning walked in with flowers like this?
Not everyone has seen it!
“This flower…”
“Linhai roses are really beautiful. I bought them specially in Linhai.”
Lin Yu really has a faster heartbeat.
No wonder I didn’t see Jiang Ning all afternoon, he went to Linhai to buy flowers for himself?
Do you want to… spoil yourself so much.
“Jiangning, you bought it specifically for me?”
“Otherwise? There is still someone in this world who deserves me to send flowers?”
Jiang Ning sent the flowers to Lin Yuzhen, “Do you like it?”
Lin Yu really nodded.
She held the flower in her hands, pursed her lips, her face was flushed, and she was shy.
Jiang Ning is kind to her, she can really feel it.
But this was the first time Jiang Ning gave her flowers.
For a long time, Lin Yu really didn’t speak, lowered her head to look at the flowers, and didn’t even dare to look up at Jiang Ning. She didn’t know what to say.
Do you want to thank him?
Or do you want to reward him?

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