Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 126

“Thanks, thank you.”
After a while, Lin Yuzhen squeezed out such a sentence.
“you are welcome.”
Jiang Ning didn’t think so much. He was so happy to see Lin Yu. He was satisfied.
“Okay, hurry up and get busy with work, and we will go home when we are done.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning sat on one of the sofas, not disturbing Lin Yuzhen, as if nothing happened.
But how could Lin Yu really be able to concentrate on work? His heart was already messed up.
After a while, Lin Yu really got up.
“Jiangning, let’s go home.”
Outside the office, a group of people were eating supper. Seeing Lin Yu really blushing, holding flowers in both hands, walking out of the office, the enviable eyes made Lin Yu really embarrassed.
“Everyone should go back and rest early when they are done.”
Jiang Ning said, “Work is important, but rest is equally important. If you have to work overtime in the future, let the Jinyu restaurant prepare supper, Xiao Zhao, you will arrange it.”
“Okay, Brother Ning!”
Secretary Xiao Zhao hurriedly said.
Jiang Ning left with Lin Yuzhen, and the envious tuts behind him never stopped.
When he got home, Lin Yuzhen put the flowers in the vase carefully, and sprinkled some water, his eyes gleaming.
Jiang Ning finished washing, and seeing Lin Yu was really in a daze, she couldn’t help but said: “Like it? I will see you off every day from now on.”
Lin Yu really shook her head hurriedly, “Okay, just once, thank you, Jiang Ning, this is the first time I have received flowers from someone else.”
After speaking, she ran away in a panic.
Late at night.
Jiang Ning was lying on the floor, and Lin Yu’s eyes were really big. They looked brighter in the dark, and he couldn’t see the slightest drowsiness.
“Jiang Ning.”
“Is it a bit cold on the floor?”
Jiang Ning was startled, what did this sentence mean.
Are you going to sleep in her bed by yourself? Lin Yu really didn’t mean this, how could she accept herself so quickly.
“It’s okay, I’m in good health, not cold.”
Lin Yu really gritted his teeth. If he turned on the light, Jiang Ning would definitely be able to see that the girl’s face was already flushed with red to the root of her neck.
Lin Yuzhen cursed, then turned over, wrapped herself in the quilt and stopped talking.
Jiang Ning can’t wait to strangle himself, and missed a good opportunity for nothing!
Su Mei Lin Wen is not at home, Lin Yu is really moved again…
“It seems to be a bit cold.”
Jiang Ning coughed.
“There are blankets in the cabinet, take it yourself!”
After speaking, there was no more voice.
No words for a night.
early morning.
The entire underground circle of Tianhai Province was hit by an earthquake.
All over the provincial capital.
“Zhou Hua of Linhai, it’s gone, gone overnight!”
“Who did it?”
“I don’t know, but I heard that it is related to Donghai City. Zhou Hua coveted some industries in the East China Sea and planted it.
Then, the whole room fell silent.
After a long time, Lin Wu who was lying on the bed said, “It must be them, Huang Yuming, eldest brother, don’t move for now, find out the details and talk about it.”
“Behind Zhou Hua, there are people from the north who have disappeared. This Donghai City can’t move for the time being.”
No one in the whole room spoke, and all of them had extremely solemn expressions.
“How did Master Fu react?”
After a long time, the middle-aged man with a gloomy face raised his head, his eyes swept, and Sen Leng asked.
Several such people suddenly appeared in Donghai City, and they integrated the underground circle of Donghai within a period of time. Now, Zhou Hua has been solved overnight. This is definitely not a trivial matter!
If it involves a competition between some big forces, then they can just get out of the game.
The piece of fat in the East China Sea has nothing to do with them.
“Nothing happens.”
Gao Fei said with a serious expression, “Master Fu said ten years ago that he doesn’t care…”
“Hmph, he doesn’t care, but he still has the final say in the underground circle of Hai Province! He doesn’t care, he puts aside all risks, but he will not give up all the benefits!”

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