Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 127

In the past few years, Master Fu has not asked about world affairs, and nothing about the underground circles of the provincial capital.
But the articles of association and others all know that Master Fu has the final say in this provincial city.
Even if there is a contradiction between several of them, Master Fu is also asked to speak and reconcile. They can only do what Master Fu asks them.
As long as Master Fu does not die, Master Fu will still be the real king in the underground circle of Hai Province!
“The mask club is still open, and Master Fu’s first killer is still there, then Master Fu has the final say in this provincial city.”
The regulations glanced coldly, “You all have to wipe your eyes off, don’t accidentally provoke Master Fu, then we all have to die!”
Goofy and the others, with a cold back, nodded repeatedly.
Master Fu, these two words are like a big mountain, pressing on the heads of everyone in the underground circle of the provincial capital. It has been more than 20 years!
Especially the terrifying master next to him, known as the number one killer, even suppressed everyone’s head.
In front of the killing god, Lin Wu, a cruel person, is a joke, as long as one move, he will definitely die!
The atmosphere is a little serious, and even more tense.
Lin Wu and Gao Fei did not speak.
There is Master Fu in the provincial capital. They have been entrenched in the mountain of horror for more than 20 years. They are simply powerless to resist. Whatever they can think of is Master Fu getting older and quietly abdicating himself.
And now, the East China Sea has faintly rising signs, but this big piece of fat is now clearly an unowned thing!
“Let’s do this first, and stay on hold for the time being,”
Thinking about the regulations for a moment, “But I have to watch it carefully, whether it’s Master Fu or the East China Sea. If there is a turmoil, tell me immediately.”
Everyone shouted in unison.
In the whole province, everyone is in good agreement, because everyone is very smart.
There was no movement on the side of Master Fu, so naturally they would not move.
Especially, Zhou Hua disappeared overnight, and the impact on everyone was too great.
That is the lord with the northern shadow behind him. He disappeared so silently. Just listening to it makes people feel numb in their scalp.
There was no movement in the provincial capital, and the cities around the East China Sea were the same. A few people who were still a bit thoughtful, now just want to retract their heads into their crotch.
For a time, Donghai City was calm.
But Jiang Ning knew very well that the East China Sea had already been targeted by too many people.
They didn’t dare to rush forward, but they were waiting for the opportunity.
It depends on your own mood and when you have given them this opportunity.
At least for now, Jiang Ning is not free.
His thoughts are on Lin Yuzhen.
Taking advantage of this calm time, let Lin develop well, get on the right track, and develop further.
In this way, the wife will become more and more confident, and will not say that she is not worthy of herself.
Lin Wen is recovering well and can already start trying to walk.
“Slow down, slow down! Don’t worry!”
Su Mei stood aside, nervous and excited.
Seeing Lin Wen swinging his hands to keep his balance, he was obviously struggling, his face flushed, but he persisted, gritted his teeth and walked around.
She knew how Lin Wen longed to be able to walk.
“One step, two steps!”
Lin Wen walks five meters every time. For ordinary people, these five meters can’t be easier, but now, it is Lin Wen’s goal.
Step by step, he gritted his teeth and persisted, enduring the pain, and finally reached the end.
Su Mei hurriedly sat down with him, her eyes burst into tears.

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