Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 129

The air is very quiet.
It seemed to be frozen in an instant. Even the salesmen standing at the door kept their ears erected without blinking their eyelids.
“Is there any more expensive?”
Jiang Ning’s words were like bombs, which exploded in everyone’s ears.
2.42 million cars!
You have to be more expensive!
This is already the most expensive configuration in the seven series, and even more expensive, there is no car in the car shop now.
The female salesperson is having difficulty breathing. She is currently in charge of selling the highest-level vehicle, which is the seven series. No matter how expensive it is, it is not her turn to sell it.
Lin Yuzhen took Jiang Ning’s hand and shook it gently, “Enough, really enough.”
“My mother will be unhappy if you spend money indiscriminately.”
She was really frightened, if he didn’t stop Jiang Ning, he would dare to buy more expensive ones!
How much money does he have!
“You can’t just leave my mom alone just to make my dad happy?”
Lin Yuzhen whispered, “My family, it’s my mother who has the final say.”
Jiang Ning shrugged his shoulders: “Okay, then.”
“Then this seven-series top-of-the-line, is there an existing car?”
“Yes, there are, there just happens to be one!”
The female saleswoman looked at Lin Yu’s real eyes, and she was extremely envious and jealous.
Finding such a good husband, is there anything happier in this life?
Not only do you spoil yourself, but also your parents!
“Mr. Jiang, Miss Lin, please sit down first, drink some water, and I will go through the formalities for you.”
After receiving the specially made black card in Jiangning’s hand again, the female salesperson unexpectedly discovered that it was not the same as the card number last time.
This… Does Mr. Jiang have two black cards?
The female saleswoman turned her back, squeezed her hard, and she was afraid that she would faint suddenly, which would be too embarrassing.
“Jiangning, it’s still too expensive, my mother will definitely call you when I get home.”
More than two million!
Lin Yu really didn’t dare to think about it.
“This is the first gift for Dad to recover. Mom won’t be angry.”
Jiang Ning smiled and said.
Su Mei knew that she had money, let alone buying a two million car, even if it was twenty million, Jiang Ning would not blink.
He was thinking, but also to arrange a full-time driver for Lin Wen, who can drive him and be responsible for Lin Wen’s safety.
Jiang Ning turned to look at Brother Gou, who was staring at him with a look of admiration.
“Big Brother!”
Brother Gou hurriedly shouted respectfully.
“From those thirty people, pick a good one and work as a driver and bodyguard for my dad.”
Jiang Ning ordered.
Brother Gou immediately responded.
This kind of work is equivalent to being arranged by Jiang Ning himself. Those guys will probably break their heads and have to fight for it.
“In addition, tell my brothers, work hard, as long as the improvement in strength satisfies me, I will send one one by myself.”
Jiang Ning’s second sentence made Brother Gou startled for a moment, and then he couldn’t help flushing.
“Send the car?”
Jiang Ning pointed to the car that he had repaired not far away, “That’s it, don’t you look down on it?”
“How can it be!”
Brother Gou shouted excitedly, “This group of animals must be so excited that they won’t sleep to train!”
Soon, the procedures were completed.
Jiang Ning didn’t directly drive the car away, letting the female salesman get the sign up. Anyway, it will take some time for Lin Wen to fully recover.
He directly gave the repaired car to Brother Gou directly, which was regarded as the first reward.
Brother Gou excitedly drove to the suburban training ground to pretend to be forced, while Jiang Ning drove by himself and took Lin Yuzhen home.
Outskirts training ground.
When nothing happens, everyone will come here consciously and continue training.
It is one thing to pass, but the time to pass is another. Even if it can only be improved by one second, it is a great improvement for them.

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