Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 130

Seeing Brother Dog coming in Jiangning’s car, the third child couldn’t help but said, “Big Brother is here?”
“No, just Gooo alone.”
Brother Gou is wearing sunglasses, walking in the wind, his head slightly raised, full of momentum.
Walking to the group of people, deliberately took out the car key, pressed the car lock button, the car lights flashed twice, and put away the rearview mirror. It was chic and stylish.
“Brother Dog, brother didn’t come?”
“not coming.”
Brother Gou was reluctant to take off his sunglasses, “You guys are so embarrassed, how disappointed was the eldest brother when he came to see?”
“I improved by three seconds.”
The youngest is not convinced.
“Hurry up with me?”
Brother Gou was not polite, “You still miss me two seconds!”
The third child stopped talking.
Others are even harder to speak. I have to say that Brother Gou is currently the fastest for everyone to clear the customs. Others can’t catch up temporarily, but it doesn’t mean that they have been unable to catch up.
“Because I can fight hard and improve fast enough, this car, the big brother rewarded me!”
Brother Gou couldn’t help but proudly said, “This is an affirmation of my dog, an encouragement to me!”
“Brother Dog, really?”
The second child didn’t believe it.
“Big brother, is there a fake?”
“Big Brother, will you pay for this car?”
“Let me tell you, I just accompany my eldest brother to the store and bought a car for my eldest brother, Lao Zhangren, for more than two million yuan!”
A group of people couldn’t help taking a breath.
They didn’t know how rich Jiangning was.
“This car will be given to me,” Gou said proudly. “Big brother also said that as long as anyone has made enough progress and satisfies him, he will continue to send it. It is best to send one by one person!”
A group of people was a little excited.
These people, who had fought and fought for the first two to thirty years, were in a state of starving and starving.
Now I have worked with Jiang Ning and earn 10,000 yuan a month. I still care about board and lodging. Now I have improved my strength, and I will be rewarded?
Improved, but their strength!
“Do not believe?”
Brother Gou sneered, “Big Brother doesn’t need money, and he’s willing to give it to you. It depends on you!”
“I have made it clear to you,”
He glanced around, “Frankly speaking, a man like Big Brother can look down upon us at all, but he gave us a chance!”
Everyone knew that Jiang Ning was a god, so powerful that they could look up to him.
The more they train and improve themselves, the more they feel that Jiangning is horrible, the kind of horror that can’t see the end!
“My dog ​​has never served anyone in his life, but to my eldest brother, my dog ​​admires him so much!”
His eyes are full of light of faith and worship!
Doting on his wife, loving the mother-in-law of his father-in-law, and taking care of and protecting his brothers. Who doesn’t admire such a person?
“I just want to tell you,”
Brother Gou took a deep breath, “As long as you work hard and hard enough, Big Brother can let you get things that you dare not think!”
In an instant, everyone’s eyes lit up.
People who were still a bit tired at the moment are also wiped out.
“In addition,”
Brother Gou suddenly laughed and raised the corners of his mouth, “Big brother’s old man, needs a driver and bodyguard, let me arrange someone…”
He saw everyone staring at him, almost eating himself!
This is the person the eldest brother personally asked for!
“Hmph, don’t fucking look at me. Protecting this important thing like the old man, of course, must be the strongest person!”
He walked aside, sat down, and said lightly, “Fight, whoever wins, who will go!”

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