Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 131

The mud is rolling and roaring!
After beating for more than two hours, the youngest who stood at last opened his mouth, and didn’t care to wipe the dirt off his face.
“Snatch me? You are still a little tender!”
The third child laughed triumphantly and turned to look at Brother Dog, “How is it, can I be sure now?”
Brother Dog nodded, “The third child, you can hear clearly, it’s a big deal, don’t embarrass your brothers!”
“I just spared my life, and I’m determined to ensure the safety of my eldest brother and husband!”
The rest have no regrets.
If you lose, you lose, and I am willing to bet.
But they also know that they have already embarked on the right path, as long as they keep getting stronger, they must keep getting stronger too!
A group of people were assaulted, not just for Jiang Ning’s reward, but also for Jiang Ning’s trust in them.

Su Mei was taking care of Lin Wen in the hospital, and the task of cooking at home was naturally handed over to Lin Yuzhen.
However, compared with Su Mei, Lin Yu’s cooking skills are really not good.
“How about we go out to eat? I’ll treat you.”
Lin Yuzhen took a look. The dishes cooked by himself on the table had a color and fragrance, as if they didn’t touch anything.
She rarely cooks, and there is a good wife and mother like Su Mei at home, so where is the opportunity for her to do something.
“No need to.”
Jiang Ning didn’t mind at all, and was delicious.
When performing tasks outside, he had eaten everything, and he had already developed an iron stomach.
This was the first time he had eaten Lin Yuzhen’s dishes, and Jiang Ning had an expression of enjoyment.
But Lin Yuzhen couldn’t stop himself.
too salty!
“Ring Ling Ling…”
She was trying to tell Jiang Ning to stop eating, the phone at home rang.
Lin Yuzhen walked over and connected: “Hello? Auntie, my mother is not at home, and I am staying with my dad in the hospital.”
“Grandma’s 70th birthday?”
Lin Yuzhen’s tone is obviously different, “Okay, our house will go, I’ll tell my parents later.”
After hanging up the phone, Lin Yu’s face was really unsightly.
“what’s happenin?”
Jiang Ning almost ate all the dishes on the table.
“My grandma’s 70th birthday.”
Lin Yu really smiled bitterly, his aunt, who talks about ostentation most, celebrates her grandma’s birthday every year.
She wasn’t filial, she just wanted to take this opportunity to show her filial piety in front of others, and by the way, she would charge a little more gift money. Anyway, she was responsible for everything, and she had the final say on how much it would cost.
Several times before, Su Mei couldn’t produce so much because of the difficulties at home, but the auntie had been ruined for several years.
In the past few years, Su Mei had to keep the money and honor his elders even if he didn’t buy a piece of clothing.
Otherwise, they will have a reputation for being unfilial.
“Dad definitely can’t go,” Lin Yuzhen said. “Mom has to take care of Dad, so surely he can’t go. What can I do?”
“If no one goes to our house, the aunt doesn’t know what to say badly.”
Lin Yu knew her aunt’s mouth so well, she could say anything and dare to say anything.
“Then let’s go.”
Jiang Ning said, “To celebrate the birthday of the elders, it should be, I will prepare a gift for it.”
Lin Yuzhen shook her head quickly, “No, don’t want you to spend money.”
She said in her heart that she didn’t want to go at all, and she didn’t like seeing those relatives.
Since Lin Wen’s handicapped, has any relative asked about it? He even secretly mocked Lin Wen for being a useless person all his life, and mocking Su Mei for being blind. He thought that he could marry a rich man, but he was marrying a crippled man.
Lin Yu really didn’t say these things, but she knew them all.
She is kind, but it doesn’t mean that she will always pretend to be ignorant of being bullied.

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