Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 133

At the door, his uncle blushed, so he could only stop talking, and slowly changed the couplet by himself.
Su Hong glanced at the time, it was already half past ten, but there was still no one coming?
Is it because my eldest sister didn’t make the time clear, or did they dare not come?
“I don’t even care about Mom’s birthday. What are you doing all day long? Are you making a lot of money? I haven’t seen a lot of money!”
Su Hong got up, there was a melon seed shell on the ground, and she immediately called her niece to sweep the ground.
She went into the room in a hurry, and the third sister Su Qin was changing clothes for the old lady.
“Let me do it.”
Su Hong squinted and smiled, “Mom, how about this dress? I have spent thousands to buy it for you, do you like it!”
The old lady smiled and nodded: “Like it.”
She can’t tell where it is. Where does this dress cost thousands of dollars? I’m afraid it’s a discounted item at the clothing store.
However, she didn’t dare to say that her eldest daughter was so strong that she was scolded for saying it.
“Where is my brother-in-law?”
Su Hong turned her head, looked at Su Qin and asked, “Last time he said, buy a massage chair for mom, haven’t you chosen yet?”
Su Qin hurriedly said, “I have already selected it. I won’t let the merchant ship it today.
She was a little smug on her face: “More than eight thousand!”
Turning his head and looking at the old lady, “Mom, when you feel tired, you can lie on it, press the switch, and you will feel comfortable.”
“My daughter is still filial.”
The old lady smiled and patted Su Qin’s hand.
“Where is Su Mei?”
Su Qin asked, “Has the eldest sister called her? What time is it, and no one is seen yet.”
Su Hong glared, “Why didn’t I call, I made several calls yesterday, and she said that she would definitely come, you can see what time it is, and you don’t know how to come early and do something to help.”
The tone was full of complaints and dissatisfaction.
“The downtown area of ​​Donghai is a bit far away, maybe it’s still on the way.”
The old lady said something.
“What’s on the road? I only drove for an hour.”
Su Hong hummed, “I almost forgot, the little girl’s house doesn’t have a car, so if you have to take the shuttle bus and take the bus, it does take some time.”
She almost forgot that the little sister’s house is different from her own. Her family has a car, and it takes an hour to drive to Donghai City. People who don’t have a car have to take a bus to the bus station and buy a ticket for the car. Wouldn’t it take more time to transfer to the bus?
“You said the little girl is also true. How cheap are the cars now? You can buy a domestically produced car for 50,000 or 60,000. She just can’t buy it in full. Can’t it be a down payment of 20,000 or 30,000?”
As Su Hong sorted out the clothes for the old lady, she muttered, “It’s so convenient to have a car. Go wherever you want.”
“Five to sixty thousand is not too much. My brother-in-law has to take medicine every month. Where does she have spare money.”
Su Qin shook his head.
“That’s the disability dragged down the little girl.”
Su Hong is not polite, “How good our little sister is. It used to be a flower in the school. How many people chased her, but how could I be blinded and fall in love with that rubbish.”
“Okay, don’t talk about this kind of thing anymore.”
The old lady didn’t want to hear this, if Su Mei heard it, she would be very sad.
“Mom, you don’t need to speak for her. At the beginning, she thought she would be blessed by marrying to the Lin family, but what happened? Then Lin Wen was not treated at the Lin family. Others in the Lin family eat fragrant and spicy food, but Lin Wen is disabled. , So useless!”
Su Hong hummed, “I’ve heard, Lin Wen, also found Yuzhen a door-to-door husband, do you think there is something more useless than this?”
“Homecoming husband?”
“It’s not!”
Su Hong’s voice was octaves louder, wishing everyone would know, “I heard that I’m still a tramp!”
She pointed her head with her finger: “This is a problem!”

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