Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 135

The air is a bit quiet.
Su Gang’s faces were full of unbelievable expressions. I don’t know where Su Hong’s courage came from, saying that this BMW car is only five or sixty thousand.
I’ll give you five or sixty thousand, will you buy me one?
Lin Yu really didn’t move, frowning, feeling a little uncomfortable.
Su Hong’s tone seemed a bit too much.
Even if you don’t know someone, there is still one who comes first.
“What are you still waiting for?”
Seeing that Lin Yu was really motionless, Su Hong suddenly became a little unhappy, turned his head and glared at Jiang Ning, “As for you, the key is not in your hand, please move the car away.”
The Volkswagen at the back stopped, apparently seeing a BMW parked in the parking space, afraid of squeezing it and daring to squeeze it over.
He pulled over by himself, turned off and got out of the car. Seeing the front of the car from the bottom of the car, he couldn’t help but exclaimed, “This car is so beautiful, who’s it?”
“What’s so beautiful? What’s so beautiful? Where is our family’s good-looking.”
Su Hong snorted, and saw that his son had turned off the fire, and didn’t say anything, “Isn’t it comparable to ours with a domestically produced value of 50,000 or 60,000?”
The corners of his son’s mouth moved, thinking he had heard him wrong.
Looking up and seeing Lin Yuzhen standing there, he couldn’t help but said, “Yuzhen, your car?”
Lin Yu really didn’t want to care about him, and walked directly to the old lady: “Grandma, my dad is hospitalized, and my mother is taking care of him. They can’t come today. Just me and Jiang Ning will wish you birthday.”
The old lady nodded and glanced at Jiang Ning, her face was dissatisfied, but she didn’t say anything.
You can’t drive people out directly.
Lin Yuzhen helped the old lady in, and Jiang Ning followed behind him. He could feel that almost everyone’s eyes were on him.
Is he so attractive?
“Mom, that’s not a domestic car!”
In the back, Su Hong’s son lowered his voice and said, “The luxury car is worth 500,000 yuan!”
“How many?”
Su Hong thought he had heard it wrong.
“Five hundred thousand!”
She couldn’t help taking a breath, then looked back, and suddenly felt that she really seemed to look better than the public in her own home.
“This little girl is so real. If you have no money, you have no money. Why do you want to rent a car? You have a swollen face to fill a fat man!”
She wouldn’t believe that Su Mei’s family suddenly became rich. What is the situation of her family, can she still not know?
In the room, Xu Ming still sat there, and never stood up, always carrying the frame of his little leader.
“Oh, the rain is really coming. I haven’t seen it in a few years, and it’s more beautiful.”
Seeing Lin Yu really helping the old lady come in, Xu Ming smiled and said, “Would you like to introduce someone to you, uncle?”
Lin Yuzhen said calmly, “I’m married.”
Xu Ming raised his head too.
His gaze fell on Jiang Ning who was following Lin Yuzhen, and he glanced up and down.
Jiang Ning just nodded, as a greeting.
And Su Hong made a look, and Xu Ming understood at once, did Su Mei really find Lin Yuzhen a door-to-door husband?
He couldn’t help but want to laugh.
“Su Gang, let the younger siblings start cooking, everyone is here, let’s cook.”
Su Hong commanded.
Su Gang didn’t say anything. After his wife was busy, she would be criticized by her elder sister if she didn’t do well. Even if he was angry, he could only hold back.
“Mom, look, Yu is really promising now. I heard that he has joined the Lin family.”
Su Hong smiled and said, “Yu Zhen, how is your job now? Isn’t the salary high?”
“It’s fine.”
Lin Yu is really plain, she doesn’t like that look.
“This grandma’s birthday, what gift did your mother prepare for?”
Su Hong is very direct, “We have done a lot of things for several of us.”

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