Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 138

Su Yun was stunned, Su Gang was also stunned, and hurriedly pushed: “No, no, I’m the uncle. I haven’t gone to your house to give you gifts, how can I…”
“Uncle, take it,”
Lin Yuzhen said, “My mother told you, if you don’t accept it, we will have to be scolded when we go back.”
Su Gang smiled, a little embarrassed, so he had to ask Su Yun to accept the red envelope, and muttered, “Thank you, brother-in-law.”
“Thank you brother-in-law.”
Su Yun’s voice was not loud, so after speaking, he stuck out his tongue and ran away hurriedly.
Su Hong’s family sat and watched this scene, their faces were full of disdain. They gave a meeting gift and made it like how much money, as to how much money.
Xu Ming didn’t say a word, still holding the official arrogance of his little leader, the old god was there, and he always had a calm smile on his face, as if he didn’t like anything.
And Su Hong guessed in his heart, that the red envelope, probably only two to three hundred yuan.
Her son has already married, otherwise she would be unhappy if she gave her son two or three hundred yuan.
She was thinking, Su Yun suddenly ran out, his face flushed, and his face was full of tension. It seemed that he had seen something terrible, and even his breathing became quicker.
“what’s happenin?”
When Su Gang saw her like this, “If you don’t help your mother, come out and do something.”
Su Yun’s voice trembled a little, holding the red envelope in both hands, sweat was in his palms.
She yelled and turned to look at Lin Yuzhen and Jiang Ning: “The red envelope… the red envelope is too big.”
Su Hong laughed at once.
“I said Su Yun, you are also a high school student anyway, a few hundred dollars can be so nervous, what about your college entrance examination?”
She couldn’t help but shook her head. Her younger brother only married at the age of 30 and gave birth to Su Yun. He was timid, so how could he be so timid even with his daughter?
Can be scared by a few hundred dollars.
“Not a few hundred dollars.”
Su Yun hurriedly said, “It’s not a few hundred dollars!”
“How much is that?”
Su Qin asked.
She was a little curious, the red envelope paper was a bit big, and it looked quite pretentious, but she didn’t think how much this meeting gift could give.
After all, Jiang Ning is just a door-to-door son-in-law.
“One, one…”
“Only one hundred?”
Su Hong immediately became dissatisfied, “I said that the aunt of Yuzhen’s family is one hundred yuan, but it is a little bit less. Although Su Yun is still a student, according to our rules, two hundred…”
“It’s ten thousand!”
Su Yun couldn’t hold it any longer, so he shouted out.
In a moment, the air solidified again.
Su Hong was half talking, choking abruptly, almost not choking to death.
The smoke that Xu Ming was about to ignite flickered and almost fell to the ground. His son was drinking tea and suddenly coughed violently, and tea spurted out of his nostrils.
Ten thousand yuan?
Ten thousand yuan for the meeting gift?
Who has given it so generously!
When Su Hong’er-in-law saw the junior for the first time, she only gave three hundred.
Jiang Ning sat there, looking very calm. To him, 10,000 yuan was not even a dime.
“This is too much!”
Su Gang’s face flushed. This was his salary for two months, and the meeting gifts for juniors were too much.
“not much.”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “Su Yun is about to take the college entrance examination. You need to buy reference books, exercises, and other supplements. These are my brother-in-law’s intentions. When you are admitted to a good university, my brother-in-law will reward you again. You can do whatever you want. can.”
How does this rich and generous tone look like a door-to-door son-in-law?
Su Mei’s family definitely doesn’t have so much money, but this rumor is the son-in-law of a tramp, even more impossible!
Su Hong and Xu Ming looked at each other, their expressions were very complicated, what’s going on?

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