Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 139

They know the details of the Su Mei family too well.
Lin Yuzhen is the only one working at home. Su Mei has to take care of the disabled Lin Wen. These years have been living tightly, where there is so much money.
The only explanation…
With Xu Ming’s eyes, Su Hong understood, and subconsciously turned his head to stare at Lin Yuzhen, and shook his head secretly in his heart.
My niece is pretty good-looking, if she is willing to let go of her shame, it won’t be difficult to find a rich person.
It seems that Jiang Ning next to her is just a shield.
Lin Yu really didn’t expect that Jiang Ning gave Su Yun a meeting gift, and his aunt’s family could even think of that aspect.
In the hall, the old lady couldn’t put it down, she couldn’t talk about Jiang Ning’s affairs. She couldn’t wait to put it on, so she couldn’t help asking Su Qin if the bracelet was good-looking.
Su Qin didn’t dare to say that it was not good-looking, but his heart was mixed.
Compared with these tens of thousands of bracelets, the massage chair his family gave me was embarrassed to bring.
Soon, the smell of food came from the kitchen, and Jiang Ning’s nose moved.
“My aunt’s craftsmanship is very good.”
Lin Yu really glanced at Jiang Ning and knew that this guy was a foodie, “I have not tasted her food for many years.”
In the past few years, Lin Yu really didn’t like coming here at all.
“The dishes are ready! Go to the kitchen to serve them!”
Su Gang yelled, and walked out first with a bowl of soup in both hands, and put it on the table carefully.
Seeing that Jiang Ning was about to get up, he hurriedly said, “You are sitting, you are a guest, but you can’t do anything.”
“Or his uncle can talk,”
Su Hongpi smiled, “Are we not guests anymore?”
“What the eldest sister said, this is yours. Are you a guest?”
In a word, Su Hong didn’t know how to pick it up.
She is used to being strong, even if she marries out, she still has a lot of desire to control the family, even Su Gang, the son, does not have any weight in her words.
Su Qin followed into the kitchen to serve dishes, and after a while, there were eight or nine dishes on the table.
Wife Su Gang unbuttoned her apron, sweating on her forehead: “The vegetables are all here, Mom, let’s serve it.”
She saw Lin Yuzhen with a smile on her face: “Yuzhen, I was busy in the kitchen just now, and I didn’t have time to say hello to you. Is this your uncle?”
“Good aunt.”
Jiang Ning yelled openly.
“Eh! Eh!”
My aunt was very happy to hear that. Just now in the kitchen, Su Yun told her about the meeting ceremony. She shook her hand and sprinkled salt into the dish.
Seeing her being so polite to Jiang Ning and Lin Yu, Su Hong sneered.
It’s really snobbery to say to myself that I am a younger sibling.
“Mom, sit down.”
Su Hong helped the old lady sit in the upper position, she and Xu Ming sat on the left and right sides of the old lady, her son sat next to her, and then sat down one by one.
Su Gang set up the chair and brought Jiang Ning closer to the old lady, and then Lin Yuzhen.
The visitor is a guest, and the guest should have taken a higher position, but seeing that Su Hong’s family had already been seated, he couldn’t say anything.
“My younger brothers and sisters really don’t have this craft,”
Su Qin looked at the dishes at the table and couldn’t help but admire, “If it’s me, I can’t toss it out.”
Su Gang glanced at his wife with a smile on his face: “You are right about this. I just fell in love with your sister-in-law’s cooking skills, so she didn’t marry her!”
The person on the table suddenly laughed.
“What nonsense!” Aunt’s face was ashamed.
Lin Yu really knew that his uncle and his wife were in love. Although they lived poorly, they had never quarreled. It was very rare.
She turned her head: “Try it?”
“Taste, taste!”
The aunt also shouted enthusiastically.
“Mom hasn’t spoken yet!”
Su Hong yelled, “Today is the old lady’s birthday, can’t let the old lady say something first?”
Lin Yuzhen frowned slightly, she felt that her aunt had deliberately targeted Jiang Ning and herself.

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