Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 141

“What do you mean by this?”
Lin Yuzhen repeatedly tolerated it, seeing that everyone here was for the sake of her elders, and she didn’t say anything.
On the contrary, Xu Ming pushed his nose to face, and the more he said it, the more energy he got.
What did he mean by saying that he didn’t know how to shame, and he used some mischievous means to get money?
Is there such an elder!
“Yu, what are you doing!”
Xu Ming hadn’t spoken yet, Su Hong shouted, “Is there anyone who talks to elders like this?”
“Are you still like elders?”
Lin Yu was really angry and laughed, “Since we came here, you have been talking about us and my parents. Does our family owe you?”
“Don’t you just think that our family is better than yours now, and your heart is unbalanced?”
Lin Yu really stared at Su Hong, not being polite at all at this moment, “Yes, our family is rich now, very rich, and all the money belongs to my husband. What’s wrong? Can’t it!”
She really couldn’t bear it.
She regarded Su Hong and the others as her elders, but did Su Hong and the others regard her as relatives?
It’s too much to say even this kind of thing!
Lin Yu is really kind, but it doesn’t mean that she will let others bully herself!
Sitting there, Jiang Ning never said a word.
The first time he saw Lin Yu really angry, he also knew that Lin Yu really must be angry.
He didn’t speak, just to make Lin Yu really understand that kindness is applied to those who should be treated kindly, not everyone.
Su Hong was angry and stood up and pointed at Lin Yuzhen, “You are not big or young! I will be jealous of your house? What are you kidding me!”
“Your mother was stupid back then, marrying a crippled woman, it was ruined for the rest of her life. I advise her to be useless, but now it is better. You are even more stupid. You are also looking for a home husband. The face of our Su family will let you both mother and daughter. Lost it all!”
Su Hong was annoyed, as if Lin Yu was really on her mind, “What makes me jealous of your family? You have money, how rich can you be? Can you be more than mine!”
Su Gang and Su Qin didn’t expect Xu Ming to say something like that.
He said that he was an elder, reminding Lin Yuzhen, but can you say that kind of words casually.
Jiangning is still here!
Su Gang was angry when he heard that, no elders said this to his younger generations.
“Sorry, our family is really richer than you.”
Without waiting for Su Gang to help Lin Yu really speak, Jiang Ning said softly.
He stood up, holding Lin Yuzhen’s hand, Lin Yuzhen calmed down all at once.
“As the heir of the Lin Group, Yuzhen is currently worth more than one billion yuan. He can’t compare with others, but he should be more than enough than yours.”
“Lin’s heir?”
Su Hong seemed to have been hit by a cannonball, and immediately went into a misfire. After a three-second pause, he immediately shouted, “Impossible! How could that useless Lin Wen replace the Lin family’s industry!”
“Do you still want to lie to me!”
“The old Lin has fallen, and the new Lin, my old husband is the chairman, and Yu is really the general manager.”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “Don’t you know these things?”
Su Hong blushed and refused to believe it.
Is Su Mei better than her now?
This is impossible!
“To be honest, I don’t let the rain really come, because eating with someone like you is too low-grade.” Jiang Ning was not very polite.
“Grandma, Yuzhen and I have something to do, so I won’t accompany you to dinner.”
Speaking of this, Jiang Ning knew that Lin Yuzhen was not in the mood to stay here anymore, and led Lin Yuzhen to turn around and leave.

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