Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 15

Huang Group Building, the top floor!
Huang Yuming stood in front of the window and called and called Fei Ge, but he did not dare to sit.
“Brother Fei, the matter is over.”
Huang Yuming respectfully said, “What else do you want?”
“Next, you can just listen to my elder brother’s orders. When I’m done, I will go to the East China Sea.”
Huang Yuming’s heart is shocked, Fei is coming?
“Huang Yuming, why do you think I am supporting you in the East China Sea?”
A Fei asked lightly.
Huang Yuming suddenly understood that it was because of Jiang Ning!
Jiang Ning is coming to Donghai City, so he needs to make arrangements here in advance, and someone needs to do things for him!
Was Jiang Ning ready to come five years ago?
“You are a smart person, you don’t need me to remind you,”
A Fei said, “Behave well, Brother will not treat you badly.”
After speaking, the phone hung up.
Huang Yuming took a few deep breaths, but couldn’t calm herself down.
He knew how terrifying A Fei was, so he was even more in awe of Jiang Ning. What kind of character is that!
After listening to A Fei’s words, Huang Yuming realized that his own opportunity had come, and the meaning of his existence was to serve Jiang Ning, and everything he had prepared in the past few years could be activated.
“Boom boom boom.”
The door of the office rang, and the subordinate walked in quickly.
“Big Brother.”
“Call me President Huang from now on!”
Huang Yuming frowned immediately and said solemnly, “From now on, Donghai will only have one big brother!”
“Yes, President Huang, I have released the news as you ordered.”
Huang Yuming squinted, “Is it the Lin family’s father and son?”
“Lin Feng gave me half a million yuan. I want to know the real relationship between President Huang and Lin Yu. I said it is because you and Jiang Ning had shared hardships and sorrows. This time, it is to pay back the favor.”
Huang Yuming nodded: “I see.”
If he really wants to share the sorrow and sadness with Jiang Ning, that is definitely the most precious treasure in his life!
Unfortunately, he knew he was not qualified.
“Father and son of the Lin family, it’s best to be honest, otherwise, brother will disdain these small fish and shrimp, but I, Huang Yuming, can’t let them disturb the mood of brother!”
Huang Yuming immediately ordered, “If you have anything, please tell me at any time!”
He faintly felt that in this East China Sea city, the dragon entered the shallow sea, and a storm was about to set off.

Jiang Ning drove, leading Lin Yuzhen to the factory building of the new project.
For this project, the Lin family invested a lot and rented a piece of land in the outskirts long ago to build a factory for the new project.
“What did my mom tell you?”
Lin Yuzhen asked.
She couldn’t help being surprised when she saw Jiang Ning and Su Mei could talk.
She understands Su Mei and her mother is very strong, even if she has suffered a lot of grievances for so many years, she still endures it.
But this time, Lin Xiao forced himself to find a husband, and Su Mei really couldn’t accept it.
“She said I did well.”
Jiang Ning said, “Encourage me to keep working hard. If she is satisfied, she will really marry you to me.”
“Don’t talk nonsense.”
Lin Yuzhen blushed, she didn’t believe it.
People who have only known each other for a few days, what would Su Mei say?
“Good good, no nonsense.”
Jiang Ning turned his head and looked at Lin Yuzhen, “Your mother is warning me, if she hurts you, she will do her best with me.”
This is like what my mother said.
“Jiang Ning, although I don’t know why you came to me, I know that you won’t hurt me.”
Lin Yu really took a deep breath, “Thank you.”
Jiang Ning did not speak.
The person who wants to say thank you should actually be him.
From afar, a group of people gathered at the gate of the factory building site, and they were very noisy at the gate.
Jiang Ning stopped the car, and Lin Yuzhen ran over immediately.
“What are you doing, what are you doing?” The person in charge was anxious.
The project has just been signed and will be launched soon. The plant must be built quickly. How can these people make trouble?
“What are you doing?”
A man in the lead, breathless, still holding a wooden stick in his hand, “This land is ours, why are you building a factory here?”
“Hurry up and get out of here, or I will even hit you!”
“You nonsense, we have already rented this land, and the contract has been signed. When will it become yours?”
Lin Yu was really angry and didn’t fight.
She talked about the contract, she knew it very well.
“Your contract is invalid!”
The man in the lead sneered, “Anyway, you are not allowed to start work, I will stop here, cement sand, don’t even want to go in!”
“You are too much!”
Lin Yuzhen directly turned to the project leader and said, “Call the police!”
“Call the police?”
When the headed man heard this, his face sank, “Do you fucking dare to call the police? Brothers, smashed their factory!”
With that said, he directly moved his hand, waved his stick, and smashed towards Lin Yuzhen, making his attack extremely cruel!
Lin Yuzhen’s face suddenly became pale, and he forgot to hide.
How could I think that this group of people are so crazy, they said they would do it.
Suddenly, there was a muffled noise, followed by a scream.
Lin Yuzhen opened his eyes and Jiang Ning was already standing in front of her, kicking the bastard out with one kick, lying on the ground unable to move.
“Does anyone dare to fight my wife?”
Jiang Ning glanced around, “Give you ten seconds, get out!”
“Ah…” The bastard felt that his bones had been broken at least five or six, and cried out in pain, “Kill him to death!”
Immediately, a dozen gangsters rushed to Jiangning at the same time!
“Jiangning be careful!”
Lin Yu was really shocked. He didn’t expect things to turn into this way.
But then, before she could say anything in a hurry, she was stunned.
Jiang Ning’s movements were dazzled!
In ten seconds, all a dozen gangsters lay on the ground, either their hands or their feet!
Screams, piercing!
Several project leaders turned pale in fright!
It’s terrible!
Jiang Ning walked to the head of the bullshit, stepped on his chest, looked down from a high position and said, “Who asked you to come?”
“You…you dare to move my fourth son…”
The fourth king was in pain, gritted his teeth and said, “My eldest brother will not let you go!”
“You have no chance.”
Jiang Ning never asked him a second time. With violent force under his feet, Wang Lao Si immediately screamed and fainted immediately.
The gangsters around were scared to tears!
What kind of monster is this!
How could it be so scary?
There were even a few people whose crotches were wet and shivering with fright.
Jiang Ning didn’t even look at them again, and directly led Lin Yuzhen, who was also stupefied, into the factory site.
“Lin, Miss Lin, do you want to call the police?”
The project leader’s Adam’s apple slipped.
“No, these rubbish, don’t bother the police comrades.”
After Jiang Ning finished speaking, she turned her head and started the countdown, “Ten, Nine, Eight…”
He had only counted seven, one by one, the gangsters with severed hands and feet, were so scared that they had to crawl away when they were struggling to crawl.
“Run! Run!”
“Devil! He is a demon!”
“Take me a hand and take me to escape!”
If they don’t disappear within ten seconds, they have no doubt that this man will really make them disappear!

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