Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 154

“This girl, what are you nervous about, I won’t eat her again.”
Jiang Ning thought to himself, if this continues, it is still possible to tell who was eaten by whom.
He picked up the information and chased it down. Lin Yuzhen had already taken Xiao Zhao and took the elevator to the garage.
Underground garage.
“Mr. Lin, I have compiled all the factory data. The relevant report data, your copy is the latest.”
The sound of two high heels sounded on the floor.
Lin Yuzhen only reacted. He was so flustered just now that he missed two copies and didn’t take it.
Blame Jiang Ning!
How could it be so confusing!
“It’s still on my desk, Xiao Zhao, go up and get it.”
Lin Yu really didn’t dare to go up, because she was afraid to go up, Jiang Ning would not let her out.
The feeling of being hugged just now seems to be very different.
Xiao Zhao turned around to leave. Suddenly, a few people appeared at the elevator entrance. The gloomy figures made people nervous when seeing them.
“Come, then don’t leave.”
Xiao Zhao suddenly became nervous: “Who are you and what do you want to do?”
“Ha ha.”
Yu Wei walked out, “What do you do? Of course, I’ll talk to you, President Lin, to talk about business.”
Lin Yu really frowned. He didn’t expect Yu Wei to appear here, blocking himself in the underground garage!
“Don’t mess around!”
Xiao Zhao immediately stood in front of Lin Yuzhen, “President Yu, please respect yourself!”
“Little girl, get out, I have more than one billion projects, and I want to have an in-depth exchange with you, President Lin, is it possible that you want to join?”
Yu Weisi was not polite, glanced at Xiao Zhao unscrupulously, and lost interest, “Lin, you see, did I do it myself, or did you get in the car obediently?”
That Jiang Ning didn’t follow him. It was really good luck for him. Otherwise, at least his limbs would be interrupted today!
Yu Wei thought it over, and when he finished ravaging Lin Yuzhen, he came to find Jiang Ning.
“Mr. Lin, go!”
Xiao Zhao shouted immediately.
But the three men were strong, suddenly stepped forward, grabbed Xiao Zhao, and threw her aside, and they were going to catch Lin Yuzhen.
“Mr. Lin, run!”
Xiao Zhao was anxious, ignoring that the documents on his body dropped all over the floor, flew over, hugged one of the men’s legs, and said, “Run! Run!”
“Go away!”
The man turned around and just kicked, kicking Xiao Zhao in the stomach, kicking Xiao Zhao screaming, but still didn’t let go.
“Mr. Lin, hurry up!”
The strong man’s face sank, and he raised his hand with another slap, and directly took Xiao Zhao away, his face suddenly red and swollen.
Lin Yu was really flustered, and when he saw Xiao Zhao being beaten, he was willing to flee wherever he went.
“Stop it! You guys stop it!”
She shouted angrily, “I want you to stop!”
“It seems that President Lin still loves his subordinates very much.”
Yu Wei sneered and waved his hand, “Okay, don’t fight, since Mr. Lin is obedient, we are not embarrassed by a little girl.”
He stared at Lin Yuzhen, a trace of evil thought flashed in his eyes.
When you get to the hotel, I see how you pretend!
“Mr. Lin, let’s go, get in the car obediently, if I invest in these billion-dollar projects, then the grievances between us will be cleared.”
“Don’t resist, otherwise you little secretary, I can’t guarantee whether you can live today.”
“Mr. Lin… don’t go with them…”
Xiao Zhao couldn’t help but cry, clutching his stomach, and shouting vigorously.
The brawny man kicked again, and Xiao Zhao screamed even more.
“Little Zhao!”
Lin Yuzhen’s eyes turned red immediately, “Stop! Stop hitting! I’ll go with you!”

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