Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 155

Two brawny men, one on the left and the other holding Lin Yu really got into the car, and left quickly.
“Mr. Lin! Ms. Lin!”
Xiao Zhao lay on the ground, struggling to chase, but she couldn’t even stand up.
Lin Yu really went with Yu Wei to protect her, and Xiao Zhao couldn’t help crying.
“Mr. Lin…”
She knew that Lin Yu was really kind and didn’t want to see her accident.
But to go with that frenzied Yu Wei, Xiao Zhao didn’t dare to think about what would happen next!
The elevator door opened, and Jiang Ning walked out with a document in one hand and a mobile phone in the other.
There was no signal in the elevator, and he couldn’t make a call. As soon as he got out of the elevator door, he saw Xiao Zhao lying on the ground.
Jiang Ning ran over immediately.
“what happened?”
“Brother Ning! President Lin was taken away by Yu Wei! You save her! You save her!”
Seeing Jiang Ning, Xiao Zhao burst into tears and grabbed Jiang Ning’s hand, “It’s all my fault, I didn’t protect Lin, I…”
“Do not you worry.”
Jiang Ning immediately called and asked the security department to come down and send Xiao Zhao to the hospital.
In addition, people were called to monitor and spotted the license plate.
“Lao Huang, Yu really was robbed by someone, so he immediately found someone for me. The license plate number is…”
Huang Yuming clearly heard the horror and murderous aura coming from the other end of the phone!
“Quick! Everyone is dispatched, find this car!”
Huang Yuming’s face was also murderous.
“Damn, even Lao Tzu’s sister-in-law dare to take it away, when I am Huang Yuming dead!”
Suddenly, the entire underground circle of Donghai City started to move.
Some were still in the bathhouse, hearing the news, put on their clothes and rushed out.
Some are at work, not caring about what they are doing, just like going crazy.
Some women underneath are just like glue, without a word, grabbing a piece of clothing and running away…
For a time, the entire Donghai City was boiling!
“Quick! Quick! Find this car! Immediately!”
“You go to the west!”
“To the east, we will pass immediately!”
“The south side arranges two groups of people to go there. Be sure to find this car as soon as possible!”
From time to time people ran up in the street, with murderous expressions on their faces.
There are vehicles galloping from time to time, which makes people feel that something big must happen!
As soon as he entered Donghai City, Yu Fang felt something was wrong.
“problem occurs?”
He had a vague premonition in his heart, but in just one month, how come to the East China Sea again, it feels completely different.
“Damn it! Don’t answer the phone!”
Yu Fang made several calls to Yu Wei, but no one answered them. This kid must have deliberately not answered.
“Has the positioning of the three of them not been determined yet?”
He raised his head and asked.
“Here is the news, at the Deep Sea Hotel!”
“Go right away!”
Yu Fang thought to himself, don’t get into trouble, otherwise, Yu Wei will be over if he is stuck in Donghai City.
At that time, Jiang Ning had already left.
Dozens of people training outside the suburbs also received calls from Huang Yuming.
Brother Gou didn’t care to wipe off the mud on his body, he was murderous!
“Mom, dare to move my sister-in-law!”
Brother Gou cursed, “I want his life!”
“Brothers, someone has robbed my sister-in-law!”
Brother Gou yelled, and a group of wolves went crazy in an instant!
Jiang Ning trained them and helped them improve, and Lin Yuzhen cared more about them, not only giving them a high salary, but also giving them enough dignity.
The third child who was transferred to protect Lin Wen, when he came back last time, when he talked about Lin Wen and his wife, their eyes were red. They said that they did not regard themselves as bodyguards or drivers, but as their own children. He said that in this life Orphans, but now they seem to have parents, and death will protect them!
Just this kind of people, there are people who want to hurt them?
The whole Donghai City is boiling!

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