Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 16

Lin Yuzhen’s face was still pale.
She had never seen such a scene.
“You, why are you fighting so hard?”
Was that Jiang Ning just now?
Your home husband?
Lin Yu really felt like watching a movie.
After thinking about it, I’m afraid it’s a movie.
Jiang Ning, is he really a tramp?
“The tramp wants to grab something to eat, he can’t fight, he’s already dead.”
Jiang Ning said casually.
Lin Yu was really speechless, she knew she would ask again, and Jiang Ning would say that this is their beggar gang, an indispensable skill for survival.
“Okay, go talk about work.”
Lin Yu really gave Jiang Ning a helpless look, and had no choice but to stop asking. He found a few persons in charge and immediately arranged the next work.
Jiang Ning stood at the door and narrowed his eyes slightly.
“It seems that there are always people who live and die.”
Some small fishes and shrimps, he didn’t care about it at all, but if he wanted to kill himself and dare to move Lin Yuzhen, then he would not hesitate to destroy him!
Lin Yuzhen’s meeting went smoothly.
Several people in charge originally wanted to make things difficult for Lin Yuzhen. After all, everyone knew that she had a very low status in the Lin family.
And being so young, he was responsible for such a big project, making others dissatisfied.
But at the door, there was a murderer standing, who would dare?
“You must strive for three months to complete, the plant can be put into use.”
Lin Yu really earnestly said, “Once the project starts, the assembly line will be established immediately. At that time, we will have to cooperate with you to thoroughly revitalize this project!”
As soon as he entered the working state, Lin Yu really felt like a different person.
Serious, serious, rigorous and professional.
Jiang Ning leaned at the door, looking at Lin Yuzhen who was sitting there, his eyes were full of tenderness.
This woman, looking serious, is really charming.
at the same time.
Hwaseong community, at home.
Su Mei helped Lin Wen massage his legs.
“My wife, thank you for your hard work.”
Lin Wen’s face was full of guilt.
After so many years of crippling, Su Mei never left it. He knew how much wronged his wife had been, but she always endured it.
“What hard work, if you marry you, you have to take care of you.”
Su Mei smiled and said, “Well, you will watch TV at home for a while. I will go to the hospital to buy medicine, and you will have to finish those medicines again.”
With that, she went into the house and looked for her wallet, only to find that she had no money.
So, she went to Lin Yuzhen’s house again, and Lin Yu really kept the bank cards in her usual home in a drawer. When she needed it, she asked Su Mei to take the card to withdraw the money by herself.
Su Mei opened the drawer and saw a black card, which seemed to be different from what he had imagined.
She didn’t pay much attention, and went out with the card, first to the bank to withdraw money.
After picking up the number and queuing for a while, Su Mei heard the call and immediately went to the counter and sat down.
“Hello, take it all out.”
Su Mei remembered that in this card, there were only more than one thousand yuan left, and it cost nearly one thousand to buy medicine. You have to buy vegetables later, so just take them out.
Seeing that it was an elderly person, the teller did not ask to go to the ATM, and was ready to operate after receiving the card.
But as soon as she saw the card in her hand, her face suddenly turned pale.
“Auntie, you, do you want to take them out?”
“Yes.” Su Mei smiled, a little embarrassed.
At just over one thousand yuan, she was really afraid of being laughed at.
Unexpectedly, the teller was even more nervous, looking at the special customized logo on the bank card, his hands trembled, and his throat dried instantly.
“Please wait!”
After speaking, she quickly got up and stumbled into the general manager’s room with the card.
“Manager, something happened!”
The teller was nervous, “Something big!”
The general manager who was making tea raised his eyelids: “It’s not like a panic, what’s the matter?”
The teller immediately handed the black card over, “An aunt took this card to withdraw money and said that she would take it all out!”
The general manager drooped his eyelids to take a look, and he immediately became sober. The teacup was knocked over and it was so hot that he jumped up.
This fucking custom black card!
The minimum storage limit is one billion!
Take it all out? Where is so much money in their safe now!
“What kind of auntie?”
But he calmed down immediately. There are not many people in the world who can have such a card. Little Donghai City has never heard of anyone.
“Very ordinary, very simple to dress, not like a rich person.” The teller said immediately.
She felt that her judgment was very accurate. The jacket on Su Mei had been worn for at least five or six years. “No, she picked it up?”
She didn’t dare to say stealing, but the expression on her face already carried a kind of contempt.
“Hmph, I’m so courageous, I dare to steal this card! Don’t kill me!”
The general manager said immediately, “Let the security control her and prepare to call the police!”
It’s impossible for ordinary people to have such a precious card, let alone an ordinary middle-aged aunt.
Su Mei was waiting outside, wondering why this teller had been there for so long and hadn’t come back.
Don’t just withdraw more than one thousand yuan, the bank won’t be out of stock, right?
“Hello, please come with us.”
Suddenly, two burly security guards came over, looking bad, blocking Su Mei from left to right.
“What are you doing? What are you doing?”
Su Mei was surprised, what do these two security guards do.
“The superior’s instructions, please obey, otherwise, we will take coercive measures!”
The two security guards shouted, and directly pulled Su Mei up to take her to the general manager’s room and control her.
“Let go of me! In broad daylight, what are you doing!”
Su Mei exclaimed, and everyone around was watching, which made her feel that she couldn’t hold her face.
She didn’t do any bad things in her life, so why should she catch her?
“be honest!”
A security guard pushed Su Mei hard and pushed her onto the chair, trying to show her well in front of the general manager, “General manager, bring me here!”
“What the hell are you going to do!”
Su Mei said angrily.
“do what?”
The general manager sneered, “Auntie, you are so brave!”
Su Mei is unclear.
“Stop pretending.”
There was a touch of sarcasm on the teller’s face. He looked at Su Mei up close, saw her shabby clothes, saw her wrinkled face, and knew she was a person with no money.
How could it be possible to qualify for this card?
“Say, you stole or picked up this bank card!”
Hearing this, Su Mei flushed immediately.
She never thought that one day she would get involved with the word stealing.
No matter how difficult the family is, she would not even bow her head, she would not even want to borrow from relatives, how could she steal it.
“You…you spit people!”
Su Mei looked at the bank card, “This is my card!”
“Hehe, Auntie, the police are coming soon, no matter how you quibble, it’s useless!”
The teller snorted, if something goes wrong, her performance this year will be gone!
Fortunately, he reacted quickly and was almost cheated by this old woman.
“It’s shameless to do such a shameful thing when you are old!”
With a word from the teller, Su Mei couldn’t help it anymore.
“You let me go… let me go!”
Su Mei struggled, and the security guard raised his hand and slapped, “Fuck me, be honest!”
Suddenly, the bright red five-fingerprints were printed on Su Mei’s face.
She stayed all over.
Since she was a child, she has never been humiliated in this way. This slap not only hit her face, but also her self-esteem!
“Do you dare to hit me… I did it with you!”
Su Mei’s eyes were red, as if she was mad, and struggling, she rushed over.
But she would be the opponent of the security guard, and she was pushed to the ground all of a sudden, and her palm was immediately worn out.
“Dare to make trouble!”
The manager yelled, “Tie me up!”
The two security guards immediately pushed Su Mei onto the chair, found a rope, and tied her hands and feet directly.
But for a while, Su Mei’s wrist was strangled with blood!
“Let go of me! Let go of me!”
Su Mei couldn’t get away, tears kept streaming down, “Why do you bully me like this!”
“bully you?”
The teller sneered, “I was almost killed by you, do you know it!”
“Do you know the origin of this card? The minimum storage limit is one billion! It’s not bad for an old woman like you to get one hundred thousand. How can you qualify for this card!”
The teller flushed with anger. She was so frightened just now that Su Mei actually said to take out all the money in the card.
One billion!
Hearing this, Su Mei was shocked, one billion?
In this card, there are one billion?
She moved her lips, her face full of disbelief.
“I regret it now? It’s too late!”
Seeing Su Mei’s pale expression, the manager can be sure that this card is not Su Mei’s, otherwise, she would have such an unbelievable expression?
Who can have this kind of card, which one is not high-ranking and expensive?
If someone finds out that their card is stolen by someone, it will be a fatal loss of reputation for their bank!
Fortunately, they discovered the problem in time and recovered the loss.
The manager was proud of his heart and thought, waiting for Su Mei to confess and being caught in, he would be considered a meritorious service.
If you contact the owner of this card again, his future will be on a par!
“Now, what else do you have to say.”
He tore Su Mei’s hair and pulled it back, making no secret of the disgust and disgust on his face.
If Su Mei has nothing to quibble, he will call the police and take Su Mei away for investigation.
“I want to call my daughter…”
Su Mei’s voice was trembling, and tears couldn’t stop streaming.

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