Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 167

I don’t know if she is showing off her charm or talking about other things.
Yu Fang glanced at her and knew that Xu Ruyun was seduce him, but he looked down on this kind of woman and was too dirty.
“Do your thing, the money you can get will not lose you any more.”
He said lightly.
Letting a woman like Xu Ruyun take the initiative is simply to do what she likes, and people like Gao Yong can’t hold on.
As long as this project gets his hands, Lin must suffer a heavy loss!
Not to mention, they backtracked, first agreed to the Shanshan Group, and now suddenly repented, they will definitely annoy the Shanshan Group, and will make other companies in the province and the city doubt the sincerity of Lin’s.
In the market, a crisis of confidence is enough to destroy a newly developed company.
The Lin Family…has not yet risen, let’s prepare for destruction!
Xu Ruyun smiled, and approached a little on the sofa. The perfume smell on her body was puffing up her nose. “Yu Shao, besides the money, what I want most is that Lin Yu is really finished.
She winks like silk: “I behaved so well, does Yu Shao want to reward me?”
Yu let go, his face still calm: “Don’t be too greedy, it’s easy to choke to death.”
After speaking, he left directly, and went back to lay out the next step. To do something, he would directly nail the Lin Group to death.
Seeing Yu Fang leave, Xu Ruyun snorted softly, complaining a bit about the man who was so incomprehensible.
She lowered her head and glanced, did she unbutton her collar less?
“Forget it, get Gao Yong first, there is always a chance for people like Yu Shao.”
She is very confident of her own skill.
After booking the hotel, Xu Ruyun set off, with a carefully prepared contract-there are pits everywhere!
She believed that Gao Yong would not take a closer look, because at that time, he would only be willing to take a closer look at his body.
Gao Yong drove himself to the agreed hotel.
“Room 1204.”
This is a briefing from Xu Ruyun.
Gao Yong licked his tongue, his apple slid, and felt that the text message seemed to have a voice, it was Xu Ruyun’s charming voice.
He immediately entered the elevator and went straight to 1204, wondering what kind of surprise Xu Ruyun would give him?
“Ding Dong!”
At the door of the room, Gao Yong immediately rang the doorbell, “Baby, here I am!”
The door opened, it was Xu Ruyun’s charming face.
Gao Yong approached directly, hugged Xu Ruyun, who was wearing only sexy silk pajamas, closed the door frizzily, and his blood boiled in an instant.
“Oh, Mr. Gao, what are you doing in such a hurry?”
Not long after Xu Ruyun arrived, he put on silk pajamas.
She put her fingers on Gao Yong’s chest, and said with a smile, “Wait a moment, I’ll take a bath first.”
“It’s done together.”
Gao Yong couldn’t help saying.
“That won’t work,”
Xu Ruyun pouted, “I have to prepare a surprise for you.”
She still has to get some medicine, otherwise some smell can’t be covered up, and it affects today’s things, that’s not good.
“Wait for me.”
She bit her lip, pushed Gao Yong onto the bed, leaving a seductive look in her eyes, and went into the bathroom.
Gao Yong is excited!
He immediately took off his coat and put on his nightgown. He didn’t even want to take a bath, so he waited for Xu Ruyun to come out.
“Ding Dong–”
The doorbell rang again.
Gao Yong shouted impatiently, “Don’t disturb me!”
“I’m the waiter who delivers red wine.”
Outside the door, a voice came.
Gao Yong’s heart moved, is this a surprise?
It’s pretty affectionate!
He smiled, and immediately ran to the door and opened the door. A waiter was standing at the door with a smile on his face, a plate in his hand, a bottle of red wine, two goblets, and an envelope.
“give it to me.”
Gao Yong took it and closed the door directly.
He immediately opened the wine, sobered up, poured two glasses and got ready.
Seeing that there is still an envelope on the plate, I can’t help being a little curious, why is there still a letter? Could it be a love letter?
This Mr. Xu is so tricky. This surprise is so interesting and emotional. He has never played anything like this before.
Gao Yong raised his head and glanced. There was a loud splash in the bathroom, and Xu Ruyun probably didn’t know that everything had been brought in.
He immediately opened the envelope and sat down on the bed and looked at it.
When I saw the beginning, Gao Yong’s expression suddenly became a little strange.
He continued to look down, his face even more pale!
The hand holding the paper trembled suddenly!

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